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Hi Anshul, I need to apply for Full Time Executive Programe, I am confused in following way

1. Whether i need to take GMAT classes or do self study

2. Whether If GMAT classes taken online is better then offline

3. If Online then which coaching classes, similarly for Offline coaching classes in Mumbai.

4. Best Book to study other then OG

I have a total work ex of 16 years, 5 yeras in family business as Interior Designer and 11 years as Banker with Private Bank in Mumbai.

1. Please guide me on Colledge choice which i need to take for career progression.

2. How much GMAT score is required for me to get admit in TOP B schools

3. Whether Colledge admit consultant is require or i should visit all the TOP B school website and figure out myself.

I am counting on you as a mentor or coach whathever you feel is correct as i feel that you have more knoweldge then me on the MBA subject

Hi Anshul

This is Vinay from Nashville, USA

My profile inshort

7 yrs Exp in IT working for TCS, presently QA Lead (5 yrs in India, 2yrs in USA) 

I actually tried GMAT 3 years back but had to move USA for work asssignment. I want to pursue my MBA dream now. Can you let me know how good are my chances for 1 yr executive  course in ISB , IIMA,B,C,L ?