Announcement of Merit List with Waiting List status on the website

To apply and for more information, visit:

my waiting list number is 67. what are my chances?

My waiting list number is 51..ehat are my chances??

n what is "convert" that people are talking about?

Hii my waiting list number is 191 general category. What are my chances in scit? Plz help

Where will we get the migration certificate? and what is the procedure for it. Please puys help. 21 march last date!!!

Hi i got selected in sicsr for mba it..should i go for it or wait for scit?waiting list number for scit is 51??please help!

Puys guide me through procedure of migration cert. My college says me to get the migration form from kalina(for mumbai university) and then fill it up and submit to college. Will I get the form online?

my waiting number is 300 will i get through? and how many waiting gets cleared in 2nd merit list?