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Vacuum packing machine manufacturers

 One. The purpose of vacuum packaging machine

In order to prevent products in transportation and storage, due to moisture deterioration. The product is defective due to deterioration. The product is placed in the packaging bag (vacuum bag) with vacuum packaging, and the air inside the bag is exhausted to make the product in a completely oxygen-free state, which can prevent moisture, dust, rust and oxidation and make the product easy to preserve and not deteriorate.

Two. Vacuum packaging machine scope of use

Products that need to be dust - and oxidization-proof and need to be stored for a long time.

Three. Pure water treatment machine USES packing materials

Vacuum packaging materials are called vacuum bags, which can be divided into three types according to different materials:

1. Nylon vacuum bag: it can be divided into three series according to the material and process.

2. ESD anti-static metal vacuum bag

3. Anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag

Four. Principle and mode of vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum packaging is to seal the product in a film bag, and exhaust the air so that the product is completely oxygen-free. It can be said that it has the best packing with the function of protecting against moisture, dust, rust and other functions.

Five. Use the program

1. Turn ON the power switch ON.

2. Place the product into the vacuum bag in the vacuum plastic injection machine chamber, and lay the bag mouth flat on the sealing seat.

3. The upper cover and the lower cover are automatically operated.

4. The upper cover will open automatically after completion of operation.

5. Take out the finished package.

6. Turn OFF the power switch after use.