Andhra bank interview


Lets begin


I was wondering,

Lost in thoughts.

Talking to myself,

Without any words.

I questioned myself.

I questioned God.

About the opportunities,

Which I got and lost.

I thanked the almighty,

But complained more.

Why is life so complicated,

Not perfect and pure.

Just then; a friend took my hand.

And led my way.

Promised me to walk along;

Come what may.

Brought back my smile,

Gave me strength to cover miles.

Showed me the colours of life.

As soon as I forgot my troubles,

The friend disappeared,

And I realised,

She was an angel;

In the face of a friend,

Who came to remind me,

That this not the end.

Life is perfect the way it is,

With its imperfections,

And a pinch of grief,

Love life and life returns the love!

Good morning Puy's..........kuch toofani ho jaye..........

Hnji kithe ho saare?

Good morning everyone

Knock knock koi hai.... Ya saß ph pr ßusy hài....

Gudmorning everyone

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Kaha ho busy people.... Sab gayab aaj

Good night everyone

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Good morning 😊

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Ho gya valentine sabka..... mathuraine to bilkul gayab aur roy bhi


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