Amrita's final results

Amrita School of Business’s final list of selected candidates is out. Good luck for now ms2678

Amrita School of Business's final list of selected candidates is out.

Good luck

for now


i have been cat %ile 92.05%.i have other calls so may not join.
anyway how is the college and its reputation,placements?

don't know much dear but i heard it's good! how did your interview go?

could you tell me more

` ms2678

guys who made thru plz tell ur percentile
they ve a waiting list .........
so gud luk to all

yes guys please do tell us your percentiles. they have a waiting list and it will be really helpful. LUNAR, are you through?

curiously yours


no dear i m not thru i m waiting list 20......wht abt u .ms2768


how did you know about your waiting list. it doesn't show on the website??

curiously yours


hi ms2768

my friend studies there she only chked it and told me however the list was out late so she couldnt get hold of nay staff she ll find out the detail and tell me tom or day after tom.....i m sure abt the waiting list however they r not showing it on the u got thru?

if u want to find out abt anyhitng just msg i ll try to help u


thanks a million lunar. could you find about me, i.e. if i am on the waiting list or not.

my application id is 837.

hopefully yours


hi i ll try to find out and get back t o u


thanks a lot in advace.

awaitingly yours


sorry for rushing you like this LUNAR, but i am so nervous. hell- i dont have any nails left either.

thanks yaar


its okay i can understand i ll msg u as soon as i find out

hey lunar,

can u help me too!!. I too dont have anything left as not selected in marita. my ASB no is 1534. pls try for me!! thank you!! :huh:


guys i ll try help all u guys i m trying to get thru her cell .................PIXELROCK isnt the waiting list om board if no then she has to find out from the office then u guys ve to wait.... anyway i ll give her the nos.

thanks lunar,

It is disasppointing in not getting in for i have applied to very few institutes and that after careful scrutiny. Wonder what they are looking for! I have a masters from U.S. and also work experience. guess it ain't enough for them :grab:

that's how i feel

disappointedly yours


hi guys sorry i kept u all waiting without any fruitfull result ...........i just kept her phone.......she told me tht the waiting list is not officialy declared in my case her teacher who came to take my interview and found out abt me and send her a msg bcoz he knew my friend & had taught her anyways the moment it becomes official she ll chk for u guys and msg

once again sorry 😞 i couid not help u guys


but there is a waiting list and so lets keep hope gud luk to all

any way thanx for ur work lunar!!!


my friend got thro with 68 percentile. the fee has to be paided before the 28th of february. Can any one of you please give me more insight on the institute, its curriculam, and placements? its very urgent!!!!