American Express Campus Centurion 2014

American Express Campus Centurion: Challenge 2014

The final leg of American Express Campus Centurion 2014 kicks off on September 17, 2014 as final year management students from IIMs take on the 'Challenge 2014.' The contest is part of American Express's campus communication strategy to test students' skills and identify top talent entering the job market. Since American Express does not conduct recruitment drives in the participating B-schools, it is a unique opportunity for Challenge 2014 contest winners to land a pre-placement interview with the company, among other prizes.

While it is a contest that would test the participants' management skills, 'Challenge 2014' is a competition with a twist - participants will not labor over exhaustive presentations; rather they will apply B-school knowledge and strategy to compete against one another and win an online game.

'Challenge 2014' contest will be conducted in form of an online game, wherein participants are handed virtual money, which they would invest further. The game will track the flow of money and the team with the best investment options at the end of the game's duration will be declared winners.

Each participating team will consist of three members, who would battle it out simultaneously with teams from two or three other colleges. Each team will have one hour and 30 minutes to strategize and play the game. A total of nine elimination rounds will decide the winners from various colleges, who would then contest against each other. The competition will take place between September 17, 2014 and September 28, 2014.

American Express Campus Centurion 'Challenge 2014' offers final-year management students a chance land their first steps in the professional world - all by applying management strategies they acquired in B-school to an online game.

Rahul Agarwal, Director, Risk and Information Management, American Express, offered a peek into his career journey with American Express when he said, "Everyday there is a new challenge, and you require lot of passion and strong will to win to handle it. Once you are an expert in a domain, you always have the flexibility to opt for diverse opportunities within the organization, and that provide you a different learning and new set of challenges to handle."

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