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I was going through my facebook account and came across with the information which I found to be relevant to share with my IILM friends. Distinguished IILM Global Thinker Award which will be conferred upon Prof. Soumitra Dutta, Anne and Elme…

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IILM GSM maintains a close relationship with its alumni and ensures their active participation in the functioning of their Alma matter. At present we have alumni strength of around 1700. The Alumni Association helps in the career growth of students through active participation. The Alumni Association consists of elected body of members from among the Alumni, a faculty coordinator and student representatives from the current batch. The Alumni Association organizes diverse events round the year including seminars and workshops, and training programmes to keep abreast of current happenings in the business world. It also organizes cultural nights with eminent artists and provides a forum to the alumni to express opinion through the medium of art. The institute organizes annual Alumni Meet on third Sunday of December every year, apart from monthly meetings. The Alumni Association has been able to come up with alumni network for 'mentorship programme' enabling our current students to know their seniors and learn from their wisdom and experiences.

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Time to walk away from Picasa and move to Google Photo. This ordeal is the price one pays for moving with technology.

"Anger is the unconquerable enemy of man and greed, the incurable disease" Yudhishthira had replied to the Yaksha. 

India seems not yet sensitised to the role of educational institutions in spread of technology driven enterprises.The R&D activities in most of our institutions of higher learning, by and large, continue to be lack-lustre pursuits plagued by meagre resources--both money and talent. Only now are we thinking of technology incubators in some institutions like the NIITs as a part of the start-up drive. We should have done this much earlier. 

Every technology cluster has a collection of great educational institutions. Silicon Valley got its start in 1939 when two Stanford University engineering graduates, William Hewlett and David Packard pooled $538 and founded Hewlett-Packard and they set up shop in a garage in nearby Palo Alto.

The 9th IILM Distinguished Global Thinker Award will be conferred on Naveen Jain - Co-founder & Chairman of Moon Express

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Gabbar Singh's-10 Great Management Lessons

Most of us know Gabbar Singh as the despicable villain of the greatest Bollywood movie ever made, Sholay.

But Gabbar was more than just a ruthless dacoit he was also a management and marketing genius.

While he wasn't terrorizing the helpless villagers of Ramgarh, he was giving management lessons in the Chambal School of Management.

1. Competitive Analysis

When Kaalia and his gang came back empty handed from Ram-Garh, the first thing Gabbar asked them was "Kitney aadmi the?" Like any great manager, he sought to find out about his competition.

2. Brand Building

Gabbar put it very nicely. When mums in a locality put their kids to sleep saying "Gabbar aa jayega," you're a bonafide marketing whiz!

3. Fair HR Practices

Before Gabbar Singh punished his subordinates, he thought that 6 bullets for 3 people would be unfair. "6 goli, aur aadmi teen, bahut nainsaafi hai!" So, to be fair, he removed three bullets from the revolver.

4. Seeking Feedback From Staff

When Gabbar is about to pop Kaalia, he doesn't just take a unilateral decision. Like a good democratic leader, he asks for opinions. "Tera kya hoga Kaaliya?"

5. Downsizing

No one likes to let go of their employees. But sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and "fire" a few people. Gabbar Singh did exactly that when he shot all three of his subordinates after laughing like a maniac. "Jo darr gaya, samjho mar gaya!"

6. Clearing All Dues In Time

Thakur put Gabbar in jail. That didn't go down too well with Gabbar. So, he promised "Bahut pachtaugey Thakur, bahut pachtaogey." On escaping prison, Gabbar immediately proceeded to murder Thakur's entire family. Debt cleared.

7. Hostile Take-Overs

On discovering that Thakur's hands were really strong, Gabbar immediately wanted to have them for himself. "Ye haath, humko de de Thakur!" Even though Thakur was not willing to part with his most prized assets, Gabbar cut them off and took them anyway.

8. Employee Motivation

Gabbar wanted Basanti to dance, but she was feeling quite shy. Through close observation, he found out that Basanti and Veeru were madly in love with each other. "Bahut yaarana lagta hai." So, he motivated her to shake a leg by threatening to kill Veeru in front of her.

9. Performance Based Incentive Plans

To make sure that Basanti kept dancing, Gabbar linked her performance with her lover Veeru's life. "Jab tak tere pair chalengey, tab tak iski saans chalegi."

10. Never Underestimate Your Competition

Even Gabbar's mistakes are a lesson to any budding management graduate. He looked at the "un-armed" old man, laughed and said, "Tu kya ladega mujhse Thakur!" He shouldn't have, because Thakur then beat him to death with just his feet.

One of my friend had an interview

During interview one of the panelist asked him to sell his own briefcase to him at a very high price than the briefcase's market price. The market price told was Rs 5,000.

My friend got very confused.

But then he took a piece of paper and wrote his phone number and gave it to the panelist.

And then took his briefcase in his hand and ran away from the room.

Within minutes  the panelist got tensed and then called him.

My friend answered his phone and said "Sir sorry for the inconvenience caused. But if you want your briefcase back please pay Rs 30,000." He was selected.

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The 9th IILM Distinguished Global Thinker Award was conferred on Naveen Jain, an exceptionally successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, today in New Delhi. The Award was presented to Mr. Jain by Mrs. Malvika Rai, Chairperson, IILM.                                                  Welcoming Mr. Jain, Professor Rakesh Chaudhry, Senior Director IILM, shared that IILM launched the Global Thinker Award in 2006, to celebrate and honour those distinguished individuals who have contributed substantially to the global stream of consciousness, ideas, and knowledge, and have made a long lasting impact.                                                In the past years, IILM has conferred the Global Thinker Award on Lord Bhikhu Parekh, Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Professor C.K. Prahalad, Mr. Sam Pitroda, Lord Meghnad Desai, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Professor Andre Beteille, and Professor Soumitra Dutta.                                              IILM is one of the leading business schools in India offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education programmes in management.                                             IILM has been inducted in the leadership group of the United Nations Global Compact PRME initiative - Principles for Responsible Management Education. This leadership group works on planning and implementing the framework of responsible management and leadership education. IILM is the only business school from India to be a part of this lead group of champion business schools. IILM, together with Babson College, USA and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, is the co-lead for the faculty development initiative for PRME.   In EdUniversal ranking of the best business schools in India for the year 2105, IILM has been Ranked 11 in 3 Palmes of Excellence category, based on Deans' recommendations.   Born in 1959, Mr. Naveen Jain graduated with B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee and completed his MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur. Mr. Jain moved to the USA in 1983. He was listed in the Forbes 1999 list of richest Americans. Mr. Naveen Jain continued his entrepreneur ial success as a founder of Intelius, Inome, Talent Wise, Moon Express and World Innovation Inc. His most recent entrepreneur ial venture is working with scientists at US national labs and NASA to identify radical technological breakthroughs to improve the lives of billions around the world. Mr. Jain serves on several boards related to science, technology and education. He is the chairman of the X Prize Foundation and on the board of directors for Singularity University. While accepting the award, Mr. Jain expressed his gratitude and thanked IILM for conferring this award. He spoke on the disruptive innovation and fast paced changes in the industry. He emphasized that an entrepreneur need not be afraid of failures as failed ideas leave a trail for future innovations. He called upon students to think at least a decade ahead. On the pace of change in technology, he averred that an innovation today becomes obsolete in a short span of time. He emphasized, " Entrepreneur never fails; only ideas fail." Mr. Jain also delivered a Lecture on "Using Innovation and Entrepreneur ship to Solve Humanity's Big Challenges."  He highlighted "Until someone tells you - you are crazy, you are not dreaming big. Every disruptive idea comes from non-experts". IILM Director Dr. Smitha Girija thanked Mr. Jain, distinguished guests. The award ceremony closed with the singing of National Anthem.

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PI on 11th & 12th March.

Come and experience. 

On campus PI on 11th & 12th March

IILM, Greater Noida

A fully residential campus.

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