All I want to speak about GEM - General Engineer Male

Reaching out to you all Puys for suggestion.

I appeared for CAT2016(first attempt) and managed to score only 95.82.

My acads are avg with 84% in 10th, 74 % in 12th and 73.8% in graduation(ENGG). I have a workex of 3 years as of now. I want to appear for CAT2017. I want to now that how will my profile hamper my chances to get into an IIM as by next year I will have almost 4 years of workex and also avg acads.

Please help me with some advice guys.

Thanks in advance.

please give reality check profile is like this-

10 8.3 

12 87.8

grad btech cse non iit 7.9 = 70%


cat 16 oa 96.41

va 72.2

dilr 99.39

qa 96.1

imi pgdm core is the best option i have right now..

what should i target...drop or join imi

if drop should i join capgemini (got placed there) nd give cat 17

or just simply make a workex of working at some startup?

Hey everyone I am placed as a graduate engineer trainee in a manufacturing industry, I am in there pay role but I have 1year of probation period and I have no notice period will it be counted in my work experience or not?

Please give a reality check, acads 10/12/grad is 93.1/84.4/82.1. I am a fresher and scored 92.44 in cat 16

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  • MBA(BE) DU
  • fore
  • cat17

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Just asking for views on these two. Which one and why?

Profile - 10/12/clg - 92/88/8.55 

Work Ex - 28 months (resigned recently) 

  • IIM Ranchi
  • SPJIMR Information Management

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Hey guys. Need your ideas about IIM Amritsar Vs IIT Kanpur MBA?

Please help me with our suggestions.

CAT:99.6 10/12:95,85 BE:64 , 11 months work ex.not a single convert from new IIM. Had given Indore interview. It hurts when freshers with average profiles getting converted at 97%tile

My profile: 10th : 91 12th : 87 Grad : 67 (Mumbai University) Extra curricular : Chess (National level) Work Experience : 21 months as of today Assuming i score say 99.5 in CAT 17(This would be my first attempt. Scoring decent in mocks.) Do i stand a chance of getting any call from the newer IIMs? What about IIM C (As they dont give weightage to grad)? What would be my realistic options? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hey Guys!!!!

Please give a reality check.

CAT score - 98.35

10/12/UG - 94/94/71

I am a fresher nd GEM... Supposing my WAT nd PI goes well what are my chances at the newer IIMs nd IIM I?


Please tell me how much percentile is required for me to get into any one of IIMS and other top B-Schools

My Profile:10th:82




Guys a reality check oa 97.52 10/12/BE 76/68/58 26 months work ex. Chances of any new iim??

10th - 81.7 %

12th - 88.8 %

Chemical Engineering - 6.46/10

Work Ex- 12 to 22 months (depends on my contract for the year 2019)

Previous CAT percentiles : 2016 - 99.26,  2017 - 98,  XAT 2018- 98.48

This might be my last attempt at CAT, XAT, IIFT so I need to know if I have a shot at just a call from IIM -C , assuming that IIMs dont change their criteria next year?


10th-93/12th-94/B.E-73 Workex=0

CAT 17-98.48 VA/LR/QA-99.84/

Targeting CAT 18.Which B-schools should I target and which are difficult for me?

10th -10 cgpa 12th-88.2% graduation -77,mechanical from NITsilchar work experience-6 months how much percentile will be required to fetch a call from top B schools including IIMs and other private colleges !!

10th - 91.16%

12th - 89.86%

Grad Score- 8.14 cgpa(upto 6th semester) from NIT SURAT(MECHANICAL)

How much percentile do i need to score in cat 2018 in order to get a call from top iims specifically iim calcutta and iim kozhikode??



grad -cgpa 6.2 upto 6th sem ( wont go beyond 7) BITS PILANI CHEMICAL ENGINEERING

 How much percentile do i need to score in cat 2018 in order to get a call from top iims  and specially fms , iim calcutta,indore,kozhikode ?

thank you .

Hello 10- 8.2 CGPA 12- 87 Graduation:7.8 CGPA From which all colleges may I get calls?

Hello friends, would love your comments if possible...

10 - 10 CGPA (95%)

12 - 88% 

Grad : 89%

State Level Cricket , Badminton and Held various Leaderhsip position at school and college level.

What kind of Percentile should I be looking at to get into 

IIM A,B,C and then for IIM I,K

Also do I have a chance to get into any good college if score in the range of 95-98.

Would appreciate your replies.

hello friends,please share u r opinions

10- 76%

12- 91%

grad (Btech Mech)-72.12 %

work exp-(21 months,left job recently)

how much %le should i get to get call from FMS