All I did NOT want to speak about CAT 2009

Ok people! In the last few days, people have been anxiously waiting for the results and still no one has any clarity about what is the exact date of the results. We Mods have closed more than 15 threads till now which were mostly like "When w…

nice one....
well after all said and done it remains to see :
Instead of belling the CAT this time the CAT seems to belling us..

each day the heart beat rate is increasing ..........

CAT 2009 stands for 'CAT'ASTROPHE 2009

As Chandler once quoted in FRIENDS : " the messers become the messies ". 😃

hmmmm....I cannot understand what is causing such a delay in results.
They had all the data on 31st Jan, and they could processed it, in whatever way they wanted to, in next one week...
The least they could have done was to come up with an exact of results.

I sing this song imagining CAT to be karishma and me as govinda:biggrin:

here it goes...
A Aa Ee U Uu Uu Mera Dil Na Todo
Rooth Ke Na Ja O Meri Jaan Paas Mere A O Meri Jaan
Main Angootha Chhaap Padhana Aur Likhana Jaanoon Na :biggrin:
A Aa Ee U Uu Uu Isaka Dil Na Todo

hope the results are in my favor

pro metric doesnt seem to be pro result

hence the delay in results

Its a lucky draw this time!!

Read it somewhere, had a stomachache coz i laughed so much

Chuha billi kha gaya....... (Mouse ate the CAT)

Its definitely not yet over..there still seem to be twists in the CAT's tail..dunno how results are to evaluated for different sessions..all hell is gonna break loose..i truly score is not gonna be in direct correlation with the expect big time signature editing on pagalguy 😁
This season has been weird throughout though...mind boggling cutoffs...stupid coaching center predictions ....n d curious case of CBTs....hmph!

Mayb RGV can make a movie named "The Curious Case of CBT CAT" starring AB as paa and vidya balan as maa LOL!!

No matter how bad it goes this time, par ek din to apna bhi aayega kyunki

"Lehron se darkar nauka paar nahi hoti...himmat karne walon ki haar nahi hoti..."

Hello ppl,
I have read on the Testfunda site that CAT results are gonna be out in the next 10 days max.

Here is the link:
CAT results may be announced in 10 days

IIM Lucknow's admissions chairman Himanshu Rai has given this statement to ET..


CAT 2009-----> Emotional Atyachaar:drinking::drinking::drinking:

ahh!! the wait for Cat results had never been so interesting. What an irony, even folks with best of the attempts are not sure of their fate.

Well thats what i say - the beauty of CAT - unpredictable, in a different sense though 😉

I called up prometric and they told it will come sometime next week.
me: Why the website is not updated?
Him: I don't know.

The 'professionalism' of Prometric can be gauged from the fact that the CAT website has 2 different dated for results..

Not to speak of the cat fiasco,I got a call from IIP(M)(as if I would dare to think) in a contact number that I gave only to prometric.When I insisted to know the source of my contact info they said they got my contact from CAT(/MAT in some cases,I didnt take MAT) database. Who authorised prometric to share my contact info:nono: to that CONMAN? Or is there any clause which states this??Did any of you received similar calls??
It was like rubbing salt(rather chilli powder) in my wounds

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