Aimnmat 2017 discussion ( do not open if not yet given aimnmat)

Discussion about scores and preparation related to 

Aimnmat 3


Do not give exam when screws u more...sleep mode 

Aimnmat 3 scores

  • 230-240
  • less than 150
  • 150-175
  • 200-210
  • 190-200
  • God level
  • 210-220
  • 220-230
  • 176-190
  • 240-260

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VA-54(Horrible) LR-84 QA-87(Horrible again) OA-225 Such a huge drop. :/

H, I took the NMAT mock(OMET) MT1001659 and I'm not getting the setional scores. Do these people don't declare the sectional scores for OMETs?

Hi guys, I'm facing an issue when trying to view explanations of questions of the test- the dialog box that pops up on clicking question no ends after thequestion ends. The explanations are visible for first few questions but after that not there- anybody else facing this issue? How can it be resolved ?