AIMCAT result : Scoring in 40-50

I score around 40-50 in the AIMCATs. Please provide me your tip. How do you perform the questions and how can i increase my marks. I started like 37 41 45 32 41 47 42 Now upcoming tomorrow AIMCAT.

Quant - too poor. Way too poor. (Commerce student and didn’t practice much too)
Verbal - i score around 50% correct and 50% wrong.
Reading : how many passages do you attempt? How do you choose. I select 3/4.
LR and DI : it haunts me too just like Quants. I look at the questions and try to solve them.

P.S : I am regular time student. These days i have started watching Quant’s Video solution on time website.

Please help how to increase these score. 😒 Way too depress these days. 5-7 AIMCATs always in these figues. My quant is poor. Reading is better as compared to other sections. Still poor and not bearable. DI and LR depends on the questions if i could understand them or not. Please Do help me to get a better result. I don't want to score in these figures. I am sick of it. I am doing Arun Sharma for Quant (LOD 1) these days as i want to go from the basic concepts from all the chapters. I hope you are understanding my situation.