AIMCAT 2205 Discussion (October 2021)

Forum to discuss questions and post scores of 2021 TIME AimCAT 2205

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VARC - 31 Too many negatives in a doable paper :frowning:
DILR - 42
QA - 41 Definitely gonna blame the people playing loud music in my locality here. 50 should have been decent here.

OA - 114 (Again 20 marks short)


This lrdi mess is becoming a routine. Definitely a 140+ paper that


I had respected Times mocks earlier. but are they just not giving any importance to us. Because i can see many sets repeated everytime and many Quant Questions too. Have they stop making new sets

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I am unable to submit my test…It has been like this for 8-10 mins…Even in VARC the timer got stuck at 34 mins and I was unable to switch Qs for quite some time(could’ve attempted 1 more rc).

What do I do now? Do I close the window? I have tried pressing everything on the screen…Nothing’s responding

dont know about lrdi but quant ka i can agree, but that also is due to a fact that the question type in cat has been same in the last few years, like you know what kind of mixture allegations question will be there, same log logic questions etc so ig theyre trying to cater to that

internet issue? maybe close and start the test

did that…it got stuck again when I clicked Submit Test…waited for some time…closed and tried to submit again…finally got submitted this time but ig it was too late… …what a waste of a mock!!
Horrible experience in VARC too …when 11 mins remained then the qs finally began to switch normally else the section kept getting stuck (didnt happen in dilr and quant except right at the end of quant when 30s remained)

QA 57
OA 146
DILR was difficult


VARC (15A/12C) 35 sucky net issues :frowning:
DILR (13A/8C) 24
QA (16A/14C) 42
OA (44A/34C) 101

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Theyre copying the questions from 2018 mock season, so there are chances of scores being inflated.

On top of it, questions are deliberately being created easier than last year (apparently due to a ton of negative feedback they got last year by students).


Varc 28
Dilr 12
Qa 31
Oa 71
My scores are stucked between 60-80 can anyone help me i just dont know what to do now​:persevere::persevere::persevere:


VARC - 51 - Fluke maybe??

DILR - 27

QA - 35 - I guess I am the only one who didn’t find it that easy

OA - 113

Hello puys and pirls,
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, PG seems to have changed a lot since my last visit (y u do this ;_; )

Got a relatively light schedule over the next 10 days or so, so if anyone would want to talk about CAT, Mocks, Strategy, motivation or life in general, feel free to DM me!
PG helped me a lot during my prep days, so just wanted to keep that going :’)


hey man I am really struggling with QA. I havecovered all topics but completely left NS. Can you provide any tips. I am scoring 15-30 in mocks in QA section with OA hovering between 85-100, how can I improve in QA with limited amount of time


just try and give as many sectionals as possible, practice as many ques, thats the only way

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They did this from the starting of this season only…just going worse day by day

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VARC-30(11/16)Moderate but could have scored more.
DILR-30(10/12) Two sets of 4 questions were doable but otherwise it was a bit on the tougher side.
QA-30(10/10) Panicked! It was easy though this time, still wasnt able to score much.

As thanos said-“Perfectly balanced! As all things should be”


Exactly. Even CL feels better this year or IMS ( apart from varc ). we want tough paper not easy. coz CAT last year was tough and seeing this year as less question so paper will be ever more moderate i think. ( ps. my view )

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wahi na

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