AIMCAT 2017 - Discussion

This group is to discuss the strategies and cut-offs to TIME's AIMCAT 2017 series

Did anyone know when will T.I.M.E start AIMCATs?

Guys,is anyone taking refrence of previous year aimcat papers?

 Does TIME disable the accounts of students who had enrolled for the classroom program for CAT 2016?just asking so i can download the aimcat solutions to refer again this year. 

 Anyone who's preap fr CAT17 who needs books/study materials/ past 10 yr question paper books fr CAT, SNAP, IIFT, Plz let me me....I Hav hell lot of them - (Bangalore) 

What are the prices of aimcats for ex time student with iim calls?

anyone knows when aimcats are starting?

AIMCAT schedule

how is the discussion video by faculties, is it worth paying for it ?

What is TIME 9000? Are these new tests other than sectional tests?

Can anybody be so kind and share the schedule for AIMCAT 2017.

Many thanks.

Is it worth paying extra for the Discussuion Videos?

Is this the official thread for this year aimcats?

Onscreen calculator is provided in cat or not?

Guys, Can we give the non invigilated one's from home ?

X/XII/Grad-----8.0cgpa/89.6%/80.1% Can anyone please tell is it better academic record or not for cat?


Hi All,

Does anyone knows how to avail the discount for TIME AIMCAT series with Past CAT result?

Thanks in Advance!

When does the full-time classes for TIME start? There is no information on the TIME website.

I don't have a test centre nearby. So i can't take non invigilated tests? :/

Are aimcat discussion videos worth paying?