AIMCAT 1925 Analysis

Discussion & Analysis of AIMCAT 1925

Who all took AIMCAT 1925?

did you guys found english tough? what are your marks in english?

The percentiles are out for AIMCAT 1925


VARC 42 (33A, 17C) 😞

DILR 85 (32A, 29C) 

QA 76 (29A, 26C)

OA 203 (94A, 72C) 😞

naya daur, nayi umeedein, vohi manzil..

how was your scores for AIMCAT 1924

 AIMCAT 1925

VARC 74 (34A, 26C) 

DILR 59 (30A, 22C) 

QA 73 (28A, 25C)

OA 206 (92A, 73C)  

Very Easy mock. So, the score could have been much higher. Also, got 8 wrong in DILR. :/

Can anyone DM me the link for AIMCAT 1924 please. :)

AIMCAT 1925 VARC 76 DILR 76 QA 69 OA 221 Percentile bata skta hai koi? 😋

Hello! Can anyone tell me the approx percentile for a score of 151 in AIMCAT 1925?

Sabhi post kar rahe h toh mai bhi kar hi deta hu 


VARC - 80  

DILR - 81

QA - 87

OA - 248 (itna easy mock aaj tak nahi dheka)

can someone plz post OA for 1925 ,I am not able to access my SHP..just wanted to tally my answers.     #help