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Score post kar do koi to, Sannata kyun hai 😁

marks btao chalo

How is the trend? Going up or coming down?

QA 48 (18/28)

DiLr 68 (24/32)

VA 53 (20/32) 😃

OA 169 first time i have scored more in va than qa :) 

QA  (20C,5W) - 58

DILR  (29C,3W) - 85

VA (17C, 14W) - 40

OA (66C,22W) - 183

QA (14C, 5W)    39

DILR (17C, 6W) 49

VA (23C, 7W)   65 😃

OA : 153

QA(13C,3W)  37

DILR(17C,5W)  48

VA(21C,8W)  59

OA: 144

QA (15C/5W) 43 

DILR (24C/4W) 71

VA (23C/11W) 62

Total (62C/20W) 176

Slog overs begin!!


How do i get the access code, I have registered online for the Mock series.

I have scheduled the test on Sunday..

Please help at the earliest...

when will the solutions be available?? right now I can only see my score 

how to see scores ?

yahan to 100 bhi nahi aa rahe total AIMCAT -1610 main

Can anyone share the pdfs of last year aimcats??appreciate ur help..

This aimcat hardly anyone posting their scores! whereas number of followers aren't changed..

can anyone suggest me a good book for verbal

2/1 *4/3 * 6/5 *.......*400/399?

How to solve this?

what is the correct range?

QA-21 , DI/LR -49 ,VRC-31 ........OA 101.....screwed in QA for the first time

QA: 13C 5W 37

LRDI: 16C 5W 45

VA: 12C 13W 26

OA: 41C 23W 106

QA:20, DI-LR: 44, VA: 21....... OA 85... I am witnessing a steady and continuous decline in my scores....VA was a strength but not anymore 😞