AIMCAT 1511-New: Scores And Discussion ~ ( Invigilated: Sept 14-21, 2014 )

Get Set Go........Gonna Start New from this Aimcat with clear pattern for Paper Solving...will be following the same for rest of the Aimcats and probably CAT also..........How do you guys attempt the Paper (Section wise - QA/DI/VA/LR)

QADI: 24C/35A = 61 😭 

VALR: 29C/45A = 71 😢 

Total: 53C/80A = 132 😭 😭 

And here comes my worst ever score in any institute's mock in this season. Time for heavy introspection: 27 incorrect once again 😠 

Section 1: 25A 19C: 51

Section 2: 41A 30C: 79

Overall: 66A 49C: 130

Both the sections are easier than the last one's.

QA/DI : 38 A 30 C......82 (accuracy 😞 )

VA/LR : 41 A 27 C.......67 

OA : 79 A 57 C............149

One of the easier aimcats I would say

QA/DI: 54

VA/LR: 62

OA: 116

Such an easy aimcat! but my fever and dizziness spoiled it 😞


Does anybody having  monday slot at  CP1 ?? 

Since this was my first AIMCAT, could someone suggest when would be the percentiles available ?

QA/DI- 38A,  25C  13 W - 62   found it tough

VA/LR - 30A   21 C   9W -   54 (LR was dead easy,no time to attempt RC's)

Total - 68A  46C   22W -  116          

56A 40C 16W-104

QA 59 VA 35

OA:94  😞 😞

Was the paper a tough one ? or did I screw it up ? :/

what percentile could I get ?

Difficulty level of AIMCAT 1511-N compared to 1512-N?

OA: 106, QA: 73 😃 VA: 33 :-/

Have been getting the similar kindaa marks. Need suggestions to improve Section 2 marks

Guys...I have not been doing well in the verbal part.This time got only 23(25A 12C) 😞 .Can you please suggest some strategies to improve my scoring in this section? 

can anybody tell me the approach for wagge problem.Just general apppoach plzz@shashwatdgr8 

QA: 79; VA: 48; OA:127 my accuracy sucks this time its 20W 😞 definitely not below 100 this time.. 😞 paper was very easy compared to 1512

QA: 10A 7C; Score - 18 

VA: 36A 28C; Score - 76

OA - 94

My QA has been consistently negligible. Can anyone suggest a better approach?

Lol, Did a mistake in calculating score in my first post. Firse consult kara sheet ko and here is my scorecard. My first 100+. Super excited.

QA 30A 30C 0W Score 90 😃 😃

VA 13A 12C 1W Score 35 (Did 9 questions of LR and 4 of a RC) 😞

OA 43A 42C 1W Score 125 😃

Aj toh black label ke 2 pegs bante hain puys. Expected %ile?

QA&DI : 29A/24C ==> 67 VA&LR :30A/19C ==>46  OA :59A/43C ==>113

Must say an easy aimcat but as usual my VA accuracy screwed me..

Don't know wat to do...Expected %ile???

Need suggestion guys.....Any scope for me this year