AIMCAT 1508-New: Scores And Discussion ~ (Non-Invigilated: Sept 29-Oct 2, 2014 )

OA: 114  41/50 ,  need to attempt more to improve scores just more than a month left


OA = 146 (84% accuracy) 

OA- 175 😄 

QA/DI - 47A 40C - 113 😏 

VA/LR - 34A 24C - 62 😞 

Q99 & Q100 LR ke the, but there was no passage, just the questions :/ :/

Problems with displaying results...Anyone else facing the same?


something wrong with the last 2 question in the 2nd section , its not completely visible.

qa was really a shocker. 

how to see the section wise marks in the new interface? 

qa-38c 3w=111

va-24c 13w=59 😞


Was this the easiest AIMCAT ever ? or are my scores improving ?

QADI- 64 VALR- 49 OA-113

Gave this paper in the worst environment possible. I was hardly expecting a 90+ score in this. It now seems to be a very easy AIMCAT where a 140+ is necessary for 99%ile. 

I found the LRs & DIs a bit engaging and deceiving. Hope to recover soon!

QA - 61

VA - 64

OA - 125

There were no questions for Q.No 99 and 100. could only see the options.

hopefully TIME will allot the marks 😁

The Tom and Jerry questions, can someone explain?

OA - 147 77A - 56C/21W. Very easy aimcat . 99+%ile to be at 170+ scores for sure.

OA-166 62C 20W found quant pretty easy and verbal too but donno where i got 20 w(poor accuracy)

OA - 152 QADI-79 VALR-73

The easiest of the lot. Perhaps TIME has learnt lessons from AIMCAT1510 overall performance.

I  am not getting any link on my SHP.

150+ test...screwed it ,13 Wrongs 😞  accuracy at it's lowest

got 128 ( 72,56 ), my highest score albeit wouldn't help me get highest percentile !!!  better luck next time ...

Guys I have registered for AIMCAT 1508-New for the 2pm slot tomorrow. I am correspondence course student. Any clue as to if there is a way to change my test time/slot, as I am busy tomorrow at that time. Please let me asap. Thanks. 

Qa- 48A/41C- 116 ; VA- 37A/22C- 51 ; OA-85A/ 63C - 167 . 

59 A 45c `14w OA = 121 . Accuracy ( 76%) I dunno what happened in this aimcat, my speed and accuracy both seem to have gone for a toss!    😞