no solutions or answer discussions just post ur score in the Aimcat 1418

no solutions or answer discussions just post ur score in the Aimcat 1418

Section 1 : 10A 9C 1W OA 26😠
Section 2 : 19A 13C 6W OA 33😠
OA : 29A 22C 7W 59😠

qa 20 C 1 W - 59
va 7 C 12 W - 9
oa 27 C 13 W - 68
hopeless 😞

QA: 9A 9C 0W- 27

VA: 20A 12C 8W- 28
OA: 29A 21C 8W- 55
My first aimcat as I missed previous ones...completely screwed 😠

QA: 12A 12C 0W : 36

VA: 27A 16C 11W : 37

OA: 39A 28C 11W : 73

QA- 15C 1W - 44

VA- 14C 13W - 29 😠
OA - 29c 14W- 73

Miserable accuracy in VA. I dunno why but i definitely will screw one section always. 😞 Last aimcat I aced VA now it has gone to dogs follow this thread ...Don't confuse by opening two threads plz

Hi All,

I have just joined AIMCAT Enhanced package.

I am confused what is the difference between AIMTests, MCs and CRTs.

If we can take AIMTest any time why its showing two test (AIMTest-1001401, AIMTest-1001403 ) as missed AIMTests.

More over what about AIMTest-1001402

Even MCs is showing only (MC1001404 MC1001405 MC1001406 MC1001410) and

CRTs(CRT1001402CRT1001403CRT1001404) why they are not in proper sequence? 😞

Sorry , I know its not a relevant qus but i think i need to know this to make most out of Test series.

is there any difference b/w invigilated & non-invigilated aimcat ??..

Just completed AIMCAT 1418:

OA 44(C 22 W 22)
QA 33(C 13 W 6)
VA 11(C 9 W 16)
Screwed VA completely... Plz puys help me in VA section.
Plz guide how should i approach it from next time.??

Completed AIMCAT 1418 yesterday: QA: 33 (15A 12C 3W) ; VA: 40 (24A 16C 8W).. any suggestions to reduce the number of incorrect attempts in VA??

qa 12c 2w-34 va 16c 6w-42


what the F was AIMCAT 1418!!?? It was like a flash flood, before I could make any strategy I was slapped in the face with pathetic scores.

QA : 41 19A 15C
VA: 26 22A 12C
OA: 67 41A 27C

QA was easy, but VA screwed me, don't know what went wrong.

Power went off in between the test. I m not sure if my answers were submitted or not. Though i didn't close the browser until the internet connection is restored. What will happen ? koi to batao 😞 Now it is showing resume option with clock time as 00:00:00.

at what time is the aimcat 1417 ??? how to register ??

My worst VA evere of mock

QA 22a 18c 50
VA 20a 12c 28 :banghead:

OA 78

Runied VA thanks to that LR set that i shouldnt have attempted, wasted 20 mins and left it

RC's were mind boggling

in the end lost the tempo 😞

let see how it all turns up

VA seems to be incorrigible..don't know what do i need to do to improve it..
QA -40 14C 2W
VA - 33 13C 6 W..
The RCs were quite tough..LR ok..Grammar --totally stumped me..PJ and Paragraph completion seemed moderate too..but 33 in VA 😠 Guys pour on your experience


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