AIMCAT 1418 Discussion Thread (Please DON'T OPEN if you have not taken the test)

First Non-Invigilated AIMCAT of the Season

First Non-Invigilated AIMCAT of the Season

Scores in AIMCAT 1418

Scored only 51 this time. QADI 25 (11A 9C 2W) and VALR 26 (14A 10C 4W). splat

Found QA/DI easier this time
Have no idea what happend in VA/LR
QA/DI : 23A 21C 2W : 61
VA/LR : 23A 13C 10W : 29
OA : 90

In Invigilated test, we get a code to start our exam, but this 1418 exam is non-invigil there no need of code, just click and start ?lookround😐

Yesterday gave one Mock of CL- got 75 percentile but today in 1418 got very less score

qa/di-3 marks

va-15 marks

oa-18 marks

Kindly pppplease help and guide for how to proceed .😟

Hi All, this was my first ever mock for the CAT bandwagon... I can't even begin to talk about the scores...I wrote it without any prep to get the feel of CAT... Totally lost after the score...really dunno where to begin...😠 and the CAT is just around the corner...

QA: 12A 12C 0W : 36

VA: 27A 16C 11W : 37

OA: 39A 28C 11W : 73

QA +18/-1 = 53
VA +8/-11 = 13 (depresses like hell 😟😟 )

OA 66 embarrasedembarrased (Embarrassed to post this kind of a score...)

QA/DI- 19A 15R 4W- 41
VA/LR- 22A 13R 9W- 30embarrasedembarrased
OA - 41A 28R 13W -71😠

Could have easily scored more in QA/DI..have to work on my speed !! 😠😠

hi all.. what is the duration of Non-Inv AIMCAT?

Whoa....totally indigestable VA score...!!!!😠

Was something weird with the questions??? Just cannot take the defeats in VA anymore...!!

QA - 16A - 12C - 4W - 32

VA - 27A - 8C - 19W - 5 😲😲 😟😟 ( Ye kya ho gya bhai )
OA - 37

Terrible performance. QA - 38, C - 13, W - 1; VA - 35, C - 14, W - 7. OA - 73.

Didn't expect so many negatives in Verbal. Also, I am really concerned about my Quant speed. It has fallen sharply of late ( even in the practice tests that I take at home).
A little background :
I attempted 24 in Quant AIMCAT 1420 and got 9 wrong. Percentile went down to 99.45 because of this. Decided then that won't make any guesses in quant. Now, it has subconsciously taken a hold around me. Am able to get more than 90% accuracy but that means only 16-17 attempts. Suggestions please!

QA- 16C 2W - 46

Screwed once again 😠😠

QA - 31, (11 correct and 2 wrong, 91.76 percentile)

VA - 45, (17 correct and 6 wrong, 99.69 percentile)

Overall: 76 (98.96 percentile) (All India Rank 206 and City rank 1)

Could have done better in VA but did not manage time properly 😟

Qa- 28(11 correct, 5 wrong)

Va- 36(14 correct,6 wrong)
Overall: 64(25 correct, 11 wrong)😠

waiting to see where i made mistakes in quant, that accuracy in section 1 is not at all acceptable 😠 😠

I think they might have corrected the VA/LR key
People are getting good VA scores from yesterdays slots 😃

QA/DI (15c + 0w) 45
LR/VA (9C + 6W) 21
Total = 66