Don’t post/discuss any question(s) during the test window.

Don't post/discuss any question(s) during the test window.

Scores in 1415

Quant Score 48
Verbal Score 54
Overall 102

maatr 61 in aimcat 1415..screwed up biiiiig tym...
sec 1- 24 14 a 9 c
sec 2- 36 24 a 15 c

How much did you score? πŸ˜ƒ

QA 17 A 12 C 31

VA 18 A 10 C 22

OA 35 A 22 C 53

The more i determined to score a century the less i will get.... No more expectations from now onwards....


Thinking of quitting now!

First post this season 1415

QA 15A 13C 2W - 37
VA 19A 13C 6W - 33 verbal accuracy is very poor and it cost me in CAT'12. Dunno how to Improve my accuracy in VA 😠

OA 26C 8W - 70 😟 . Seasonal Mock crackers scores may give a better indication of the toughness of this AIMCAT.

QA : 21

VA: 21
OA: 42
I felt this AIMCAT, especially sec-1, very tough.
Is it really tough in general ?

QA - 17A - 16C - 47
VA - 22A - 18C - 50
OA - 39A - 34C - 97
Some respite after disastrous performances in the previous mocks. 110 is an ideal score.
QA was tough. DI sets were relatively simpler (although couldn't attempt a set due to shortage of time).
VA was of moderate difficulty and LR sets were easy.

That awkward moment when u focus like hell to improve accuracy in Section2 and you end up screwing up Section1 accuracy :splat: ... 5 Wrong in QA is a sin :banghead: !!

QA- 13c 5w - 34(Bad accuracy 😟)

VA- 12c 4w - 32(LR attempts zero 😠)
OA- 25c 9w - 66


Overall -87
Quant was slightly tough and could only attempt about 18 quest....much happy with the VA score after the disastrous performance last time around

OA - 50......simply screwed up this aimcat 😠

QADI 12c 6w 30
VALR 16c 11w 37
OA 28c 17c 67

OA 51!!! comes after topping in every CL proc mock!!!!

QA - 30(Dont knw wat is wrong , used to consider QA as my stronger section)😠

VA - 42 (keeps oscillating btw 40-42 in every test).....
OA - 72...
Better than 1416 😁
Still a long wat to go...
Any suggestion for QA guys (have completed sms , score in the gud category in online tests )...

Puys, a doubt..

I had scheduled to take the 1415 AIMCAT on 19th, however it is showing as available right now.. Does that mean i can take it now or not ?

Quant 10C 1W-29 VA- 21 C 8 W- 55..Messed up my quant 😠