AIMCAT 1411 Scores and Discussion

Non-Invigilated Window: 13th Aug- 16th Aug.*Please adhere to the following guidelines: *1. Don’t post/discuss any question(s) during the test window. :noentry: 2. Share your slot details/attempts/score/experience in one post.3. Please r…

Non-Invigilated Window: 13th Aug- 16th Aug.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Don't post/discuss any question(s) during the test window.

2. Share your slot details/attempts/score/experience in one post.

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91 😞

51 + 40
Missed doin a full RC.
Did not really understand what difference will the number of coins make in that coin LR. If anyone did, please help.


I think VA/LR was tougher.

QA- 53
VA - 13

One of those difficult ones from TIME at least for me.... 😛

QADI: 48 (17C 3W)
VALR: 54 (20C 6W)
OA: 102(46A 37C)

Cutoffs will drop... for both the sections imo.....and so for the OA....

Streak Continues...!

QA-49- see .. messed up an easier one..this seems quite good...!
VA-37- Nazar lag gaya.. never concentrated on the paper...!
OA-86- paltry score but learnt one thing.. NO back to back aimcats...! wasn't interested in writing at all..! VA was bad.. QA was tough-did well I guess...!

Bad! Bad! BAd..!!! This aimcat screwed up like anything! OA 27 😲

Just gave it..

Lost a lot of time in the coin wala LR...Still could not understand the impact of changing the no of coins in the box..

QA/DI- 17C,4W-47(From 56 in last mock to this, but this one was much tougher)

VA/LR- 16C,3W-45(Left two RCs 😟 )
OA- 33C,7W-92
Overall, the paper was on the tougher side.

got around 70 marks but lost 25 marks in negative attempts 😞 😞 help me ppl

QADI - 59 (25/21)
VALR - 43 (25/17)
OA - 102
And I thought this would be another happy-go-lucky mock. :banghead: .Realllllyyyyy got to work on those negatives now.

Im shocked to say the least 😲

QA/DI : 25A 20C 5W : 55 (Eagerly waiting to see what happened here, i had revised the paper 2ce was expecting atleast 90% accuracy )

VA/LR : 23A 17C 6W : 45
OA : 48A 37C 11W : 100 😞

Guys this VA is killing me. I am never able to find out the correct answer most of the time i will use elimination method and never 100% sure of answer. In all my Aimcats i have less that 50% accuracy in VA. Please help me how to overcome this. Guys who are scoring good in VA ( i would consider 30+ as good, as i never got that much) Please help me out.

QADI -63 (25/22)

VALR - 47(29/19)

OA - 110

Found Quant a bit tough , verbal medium but happy that i crossed 100.

Puys, Can any one help me to improve the scores

I have attempted
10 questions in QA/DI, out of which 9 are correct and score is 26
12 questions in VA/LR, out of which 8 are correct and score is 20

Over all 22 attempts with 17 correct and score of 46.

Same is the case with all other AIMCATS, Depending on the paper I am able to attempt at the max of 15 questions in QA/DI ( DI ignored totally in all papers ), and was getting around the scores of 45 to 75 with an over all percentile ranging from 75 to 90.

The problems that I am facing is time. I understand that I am really taking lot of time to solve each question and I am not at all looking at DI questions as they consume more time. For few questions I agree that thoroughness with the models will help to improve the problem. I also understand that I should leave tough questions and chose the right questions to solve but there are people who are attempting 25 to 30 questions in that case I should be able to attempt minimum of 20 right ?.

I am not so good in VA and can manage only accuracy of 70 to 80% but I am taking time again in LR.

What would be your advice to improve my performance on overall scale. I don't want to wait for one more year because i didn't perform well in this year CAT.

Please suggest me the areas where i should work to improve my performance, I have also attached my AIMCAT performance stats.

Thanks in advance for your time and patience to read this.

QA- 14C 1W - 41

VA - 16C 7W - 41
OA -30C 8W - 82

Wasted a lot of time in QA .Didnt even attempt a few questions😠 . And as usual my accuracy in VA sucks 😠

I am having a hard time with AIMCATs VA/LR section, doing fine in QADI.

QADI - 16C 2W - 46
VALR - 11C 10W - 23 😠
OA - 69

I do good in CL Proc Mocks VA/LR section, not able to comprehend what happens in AIMCATs!!
Suggestions please!!

QA - +20, -2 = 58
VA - +10, -11 = 19 😠😠
OA = 77 😠 😠
The VA score is just pathetic. Should be an eye opener.