AIMCAT 1408: Scores & Discussion ~ (Don't open unless you've attempted the test)

Invigilated Window: 1st Sep- 8th Sep.* Please adhere to the following guidelines:** *1. Don’t post/discuss any question(s) during the test window. :noentry: 2. Share your slot details/attempts/score/experience in one post. …

Invigilated Window: 1st Sep- 8th Sep.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Don't post/discuss any question(s) during the test window.

2. Share your slot details/attempts/score/experience in one post.

3. Please refrain from spamming this thread.

4. Please do not post copyrighted material in PDF or any other format. Doing so will make you liable for legal action.

Best of luck ! mg

Not even started..

QA/DI - 54 (22A 19C)
VA/LR - 35 (21A 14C) // LR time consuming...
OA = 89

Access Code?

yar smbdy pls help me..smtyms i get 98 percentile n smtyms i get 70 percentile..dil karta hai mar jaaun..pls give me sm honest advice..pls

QA/DI - 43 (17A 15C)VA/LR - 32 (16A 12C) OA = 75

QA : 22A 21C - 62

VA : 23A 16C - 41
OA : 45A 37C - 103

QA-17 C 2 W=49
VA-4 C 6 W= 6 ..fucked completely !!

QA/DI: 23C 1W 68

VA/LR: 7C 13W 8
Total: 76

I was busy with campus placements, so could not attempt the previous 5 AIMCATs. QA/DI score is surprising and VA/LR is shocking. I have never really prepared for CAT apart from the AIMCATs. I will start on a fresh slate tomorrow.

I will write CAT on 28 October. For the next 55+ days, I can easily put in 7-8 hours/day to prepare for CAT. Please suggest a good prepartion plan.


QA/DI:11C 8W 25 😟

VA/LR:10C 14W 16 😟 (Probably this AIMCAT was aimed at checking our accuracy skills)

OA 41 😟

consistently bad performance 😞

I am totally screwed 😞 😞
VA 9 C 11 W 16
QA 20 C 5 W 55
OA 29 C 16 W 71

I dont know how to improve...i am handicapped widout easy LR
This time no easy LR...wasted hell lot of time..Any advise guys?

QA/DI- Attempt 16, Correct 9
VA/LA- Attempt 15, Correct 11

Overall 20+29 = 49(what a fucking performance)
Need to work hard................

Overall score

QA- 14c 0w - 42😠

VA- 13c 9w - 30😠
OA -27c 9w - 72😠

People..couldn't go fr the exam scheduled today..would anyone please ping me his/her access code personally? Thanks a lot

Just reminding you guys, Aimcat 1407 is also going on, parallelly in this same week (3rd - 6th september) Do not miss it.

Can somebody pls provide me theACCESS CODE for aimcat 1408, I could not go to the centre(owing to my freaking job) ,asked for it even at my time centre , but they refused to help. 😟

Plz help !!

QA : 19 C 4 W = 53

VA : Just don't ask
What the hell were those LRs and such lengthy RCs. I mean if this VA was really CAT level, then I want my 1600 Rs back !!!

QA : 21 A 20 C 1W = 59 ; VA : 23 A 17 C 6 W = 45 ; OA = 104. Found VA/LR section tougher than usual this time.