AIMCAT 1407: Scores and Discussion ~ ( Don't open unless attempted )

Non - Invigilated Window: 3rd Sep- 6th Sep. ( guys,* it will end before AIMCAT 1408* , just reminding! )* Please adhere to the following guidelines:***1. Don’t post/discuss any question(s) during the test window. 2. Share your slot det…

Non - Invigilated Window: 3rd Sep- 6th Sep. ( guys, it will end before AIMCAT 1408 , just reminding! )

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Don't post/discuss any question(s) during the test window.

2. Share your slot details/attempts/score/experience in one post.

3. Please refrain from spamming this thread.

4. Please do not post copyrighted material in PDF or any other format. Doing so will make you liable for legal action.

Best of luck ! mg

9 C 3 W-24 (QA)
7 C 4 W-17 (VA)
OA-41 😞

13 C 3 W-36 (QA)

11 C 5 W-28 (VA) 😠


This AIMCAT was on the tougher side...!

SEC 1- 3C 4W 5 SEC 2-9C 2W 25 OA 30 What to do before the next AIMCAT one to increase the scores. A lot of errors in D.I. sets. My Highest score has been 43 and ranging from 45-55 percentile every time round. Have to do sth before next one on 7th Sep.

Your OA score?

quant 10
LR 37
oa 47

quant :! not able to score at all....

last 3 aimcats 45,47,47 ...

QA 17 (8C 7W) VA -1(6C 11W)........


QA-60 VA-39 OA-99

missed century all thanks to some silly mistakes in QA.....and in VA as usual reasoning saved me.

QA - 42
VA - 25
OA - 67 after a 80 in 1409. Did the paper level increase or I fucked my paper ? 😠

Quant: 64
Verbal: 27 🎂
Overall 91

Was Section 2 tough or was it I who screwed it up real nice?
I couldn't solve Eight students-eight subject LR and First RC: one with 4 questions.

guys some help plz.. my scorecard showed that in quant 17 C 4 W.. that means (17x3)51 - 4 but my my marks are 43 not 47... kya karun?

fir se napa..21+28=49..kya pakata hun main

the relevance of aimcats to actual cat paper seems to be very little..

I haven't booked the slot for tomm and it's giving me no option for booking tomm, but it's seems to be available out there. Can I take it tomm without booking???

Did anyone got their sec 1 score wrong? In my case 15C 3W which has to be 42, bt it was showing 38... any ways

SEC I 15C 3W 42
SEC II 9C 11W 16
OA 24C 14W 58

either TIME is playing with me or i should stop giving all mocks all together!! such a lengthy paper with quant like shit!

after scoring 88 in 1408, its 31 now (20+11)
someone kill me :'(

I like the air of optimism around 😛
Bros chill out..its just a mock...CAT ke jaisa tension leke kuch nahi hone walla hai

Took the test in 75 mins due to office constraint, but still wont miss the chance to ridicule TIME secn 2 ... completely irrelevant is wht I wud say frm the experience of taking 3 CATs... I dnt knw wht are they preparing us for... RC LRs completely rubbish , wont comment abt VA , its always the same 4 me
QA : 18A 14 C - 38 ( 35 mins )
VA : 17A 10C - 23 (40 mins )
OA : 61
cudnt even gather the courage to read the first mammoth and elusory RC, even if attempted 70 mins , I dnt think I cud have picked my secn 2 score more than 35. 😐