AIMCAT 1406 Scores and Discussion [Please do not open the thread unless you have taken the test]

Invigilated Window: 15 th Sep’- 22 nd Sep’.*Please adhere to the following guidelines:*1. Don’t post/discuss any question(s) during the test window.2. Share your slot details/attempts/score/experience in one post.3. Refrain yourselves …

Invigilated Window: 15 th Sep'- 22 nd Sep'.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Don't post/discuss any question(s) during the test window.

2. Share your slot details/attempts/score/experience in one post.

3. Refrain yourselves from spamming this thread.

4. Please do not post copyrighted material in PDF or any other format. Doing so will make you liable for legal action.

A test to forget.....dont know if it was that tough..or my worst performance....!
QA 41 (19A 15C) 😠
VA 31 (21A 13C) 😠
OA 72 (40A 28C) 😠


OA-90 embarrased(just cannot improve)




RCs- Tough


Access Code anyone??lookround

QADI = 66 (22A/22C)

VALR = 22 (18A/10C) 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Access Code anyone?? urgently needed !!!

Posting on PG after a while , will post my previous aimcat scores too :

AIMCAT 1406 : Another AIM - UN - CAT when it comes to VA section

QA : 21 C , 2 W : 61 ; VA : 9 C , 2 W : 25. Didnt attempt RCs deliberately , for it didnt make sense to waste them , rather spent time cracking the last LR , which again should appear only in a CAT paper if someone is really unlucky.

AIMCAT 1407 : 81 Marks , OA : 99.35 %

AIMCAT 1408 : 84 Marks : OA : 98.12 %ile.

In meanwhile , I am just stuck in 80s , with SIMCAT 8 : 84. Feel like giving up for this season (my last no matter what happenes ) 😠 😠 😠 😠😠 😠 embarrased embarrased 😠 😠

qa 73(25,2)
va 19(11,14)

total 92

i need help in valr sectn. though this is my worst score in valr, but have always been stuck between 30s to low 40s.
anybody who cn give sum suggestions or some1 who has himself improved his valr scores, plz tell me the approach.
English Gurus . Help me !

QA : 11A 9C 3W OA : 25😠😠😠
VA : 21A 15C 6W OA : 39embarrased
OA : 32A 24C 6W OA 64embarrased

With these scores it is Bye Bye CAT 2013.....😟

QA:22A 20C 2W OA:58
VA:18A 12C 6W OA:30
OA:40A 32C 8W OA:88

Something is up with the VA scores..not a single good VA score till now....couldnt solve a single LR completely.

QA : 16A, 12C, MARKS : 32
VA : 122A, 4C MARKS : 4 😞

I SCORED 97 IN VA IN cat11, dont know what has happened

Havent Given this yet but Table for 1406 :

QA: 16C + 0 =48
VA: 9C + 2W=25 [attempted 2LRs and 4 VA]
OA: 73

is the CAT exam really that tough...i mean VA section seemed to b too hard to attempt

am i screwed or am i screwed

qa 61(21c 2w) VA16(8c 8w)...x splat😠 VA i wasted a hell lot of time in lr...i had to attempt to increase ma attempts...I can relate to on of the RCs.. human being(me in this case) can never be happy ..

QADI (24A-22C - 64)
VALR (20A-15C - 40)

OA (44A-37C - 104)

Got a surprisingly good score in VALR, by my standards 👏

gave aimcat 1406 today
OVERALL:93..jaane kya hoga raama re!!

what is time trying to achieve by setting such VA papers ? Even the answer options of RCs were Rcs in themselves

Back to Pagalguy...All I wanted is a decent 90+%ile performance in qa and 85%ile+ performance in va..But that cricket lr set turned my dream to a nightmare..i spent 25 mins trying to find an fixed solution to the set..trying to find answer desperately and pushing myself to continue, wondering how can I be that bad in such lr sets when I have solved many with good accuracy before..due to this i missed out on 2 rcs and 1 other lr..I am still not sure if the set was improper or i was not in the right frame of mind..but due to this i got a pathetic +14 in va..Overall 54..hoping 1405 lr sets will be kind to me and i could attempt more questions in qa.If someone have solved the cricket set..let me know too 😞