AIM CET 2016

This is a discussion page for the time aim cet mocks all queries and other questions will be answered here.

We all can discuss the aimcet 2016.

How are AIMCETs? Has anyone taken these tests? Reviews please. I want to join a test series for CET. I have already joined IMS SIMCET.

Follow this thread for IMS CET Mocks Discussions !!

Anyone on test series of TIME is it ...schedule and no. of mocks..??

What is the procedure to join aimcets? Is it just like simcet in which we have to go der centre and take the test and remaining half we can give from home? Please help

Anyone from here who is joining ELC's 2 days workshop ?

Will JBIMS going to accept CET 16 score this year ? 

Hi if anyone has CET mock papers of institutes like IMS , TIME or CL , please mail me @ [email protected]

How much % ile needed for jbims,kj somaya,welinkar considering outside maha students?

neone from Pune who wants to sell his CETking or other CET material?

Which book is good for Logical Reasoning ?? i want a book which covers Visual reasoning as well...

How much marks r u guys getting in  AIMCET 8 ....mine is jst 93....accuracy quite low

hey does simsree take cet score and mat score?

Can someone please provide me the link to enrol TIME CET Test series.


Which test series is the best for CET? 

Anyone Wiling to give time cet material for xerox in pune??

Does anyone able to view AMMCET 7 (paper based) score??

Can anyone forward me CET mocks of TIME of this year (on going). Wuld be great help. 😃 In return i can send you IMS

Anyone wants to give/exchange his TIME mock portal please ping me.