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wat is mid pt of triangle?







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@vishiac @caemento if the sum of (2n+1) prime num where n€N is an even num , then one of d prime num's must be a. 2 b. 3 c. 5 d. 7

@SujataPatil @caemento When the question comes asking for maximum possiblities and minimum possibilities and includes variables, concentrate on two things 1. boundary conditions 2. which variables has to be considered or varied (this part comes only with practise)....... When too many variables are there, use options rather than solving and check if it satisfies the boundary conditions......

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@vishiac bro hav to ask few ques.... i too hav solved those... but having some confusion!!!

if x+1/x=1

then (x+1)^5+1/(x+1)^5=  


a)4     b)8   c)1      d)2

if x+1/x=3

then x^3+1/x^2=

options   11,    83/9       7       13/9

if a^2=by+cz,   b^2=cz+ax, and c^2=ax+by, then value of x/(a+x) +y/(b+y)+z/(c+z) is 

options 1       a+b+c          1/a+1/b+1/c        0

The least number that must be substracted from 63520 to make the result a perfect square is