Admissions IIM Shillong PGPEx MBIC 2017-18

Admission related queries for IIM Shillong PGPEx MBIC 2017-18

Dear All get answers to all your queries related to the admission for IIM Shillong PGPEx MBIC 2017-18

On the admissions page, under the section Eligibility to Apply, a part says, ' Work Experience of managerial/ supervisory roles (05 years and above is desirable). Appropriate relaxations may be granted for candidates with strong managerial/supervisory role experience. " 

Whereas in the program brochure, it says minimum 5 years to apply. 

So, is there any relaxation given or not if the person has 57 months of work experience. 

Can you share the placements details of the previous batches? 

My experience as of now is 52 months. Is it worth applying and will my profile even be considered?

I am a practising Chartered Accountant with 55 months work ex.and got a call for this course. I wanted to know how good is this programme, and what opportunities do we have after doing this course compared to regular PDGM courses. Is this course worth doing or should i try for PGDM course, and what job profiles are we offered after this course

Interview calls are not on rolling basis, right? One has to wait for deadline to hear from the institute after registration?

What will be the total intake for upcoming year...? and based on last year what is the ratio of applicants vs Final Selection...?

Hi. I have received a mail but I have work experience of 40 months only. Am I eligible as der is a post saying the work ex should be around 5 years?

@sunny Naangal


My acdemic percentage 10th/12th/ 80/72/74

Total Work-ex: 5.8 year

Cat score: 35% (very pathetic) 

I was looking for cat 2017 but got mail for PGPEx.

Can i apply in this year with above cat score?

Can someone give me the link of placement report ... I m not finding it on website ..

Can anyone please answer the below questions

How does this program differ from other executive program ?

Does it cover the subject that are covered in other executive program or it has completely different subjects.

What are the maximum, minimum and average placement one can expect from iim Shillong after course.

List of companies who picks majority of the students and the profile they work in ?

Hi, I got a mail yesterday from the Admissions Office regarding PGPEx-(MBIC) Program, IIM Shillong! I have a work ex of 85 mnths. Would like to have more details apart from the ones mentioned in brochure. How is it beneficial and how are the placements. Thanks.

1. I am unable to find the placement report on the website. How to access that?

2. I don't have 5 years experience as on date, should I still apply?

3. Is the course at par & well recognised in the industry? I really want to take advantage of my experience and doing PGDM is from any IIM doesn't do justice. Any reply from current student would be great.

Hi, I have received a mail about the same. I wanted to inquire whether this course is beneficial for a person working in his Family Business having 45 months of experience?

 Hi, My acdemic percentage 10th/12th/ 80/72/74 Total Work-ex: 5.8 year Cat score: 35% (very pathetic)  I was looking for cat 2017 but got mail for PGPEx. Can i apply in this year with above cat score? 

Lets create a what's app group.. we can discuss there about this... What say.. ??

Does iim shillong provide placement for pgpx course i got mail at 86 percentile

I have below queries with respect to admission for PGPEx-MBIC program starting from 2017.

1) What is the Eligibility requirement for PGPEX program ? . Is GMAT score Enough for admission or CAT in addition to GMAT is needed for admission ?

2) As per IIM shillong web Site, the last date to apply for PGPEx –MBIC program is 30th April 2017, please confirm the eligibility period for valid GMAT score. I am planning to write GMAT  on 27th April 2017 therefore all other section score except AWA score will be available on 27th April 2017 , but I will receive AWA score and Percentile after 10-20 days which will be around 10-20th May .Please let me know if I can apply without AWA score and can AWA score be reported in May

Dear sir @iimspgpex mbic, I am literally confused after I get this email regarrding PGPex MBIC .

kindly calrify my doubts .

CAT score 2016 59+ overall

CAT 2014 score 78.8 + overall 

which score should I hv to use ?

work experience 64 months .

belong to NC OBC category .

No where its mentioned in the admission website ,  Neither the sectional cutoffs  nor selection criteria in detail .

so I thought before applying let's ask someone who can clarify all my doubts .