Admission Fee 50k in IMT HYD before passing CMAT exam

My IMT interview was on 20th FEB (which was very strange because CAT XAT scores were very bad) and because CMAT exam date was not released yet . I gave the interview and I got a mail some 10 days ago( I think) that I have received a CONDITIONAL offer letter for IMT Hyd and that I have to pay 50k as admission and fee

“We are pleased to offer you conditional* admission (basis your CMAT percentile/ score/ rank) to the PGDM program at IMT Hyderabad for admission 2023-25.”

*The CMAT test result for 2023 is yet to be announced by NTA at the time of this offer of admission. This offer of admission to IMT Hyderabad is hence conditional, subject to following:

Your scores/percentile/rank of CMAT 2023 test is submitted to us before the date of registration on campus for the batch of 2023-25. The last date for submission of the CMAT test scores/percentile/ rank as well as the date of registration on campus will be communicated subsequently.
Your CMAT 2023 percentile should meet the minimum cut off requirement of 90 percentile or equivalent for the IMT Hyderabad campus
In case your test score/percentile for CMAT 2023 does not meet the minimum cut off requirement of IMT Hyderabad campus, your admission stands cancelled and you will be refunded the fee amount deposited by you, minus any cancellation charges.
Post successful submission of CMAT 2023 test scores/percentile/rank and ONLY in case your score/percentile/rank meets the minimum cut offs of IMT Hyderabad, the offer of admission will be final

My question is why ask 50k before hand

My father is telling me that a private is booking the seat and will just take you in even if you got low score in CMAT ( I do not want to believe this because IMT is a reputed college ) . My father is apprehensive of this early payment of 50k and not giving a confirm seat. In case, I do not want to go to IMT later, will we even get the refund . In the IMT annexure, they mention that , they follow the latest AICTE guidelines( That’s it).

If anyone has an idea about this situation and who know whether they do give the refund?

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