admission criteria

what is the avg cat cut off for NIBM PUNE for wat/pi call..

plzz anyone reply

My cat score is 77.14..12th 84..10th 92..BE 66...26 months ex..any chance???

Sir,my cmat score 77.56% with wrk exp of 15months in TCS ;graduation 77%;12th -86% and 10th -88% .what are my chances for call for gd/pi?

May i know wen is the WAT/GD/PI scheduled for NIBM pune this year?

cat 71.66 graduation 65% 12- 82.4%  10th -80 %  will any chance in nibm ??? please reply ???

What are the placement statistics for 2017-2018 batch, have checked the website but it still showing previous report... Which profiles have been offered this year and what packages have been offered to the students? Are the placement going as of today or have they been completed for this batch?