Admission 2015-17 NMIS, Mumbai

I have 197 in NMAT, X - 9.4 CBSE cgpa, XII 82%, Bcom (studying final 64% ) no experience what are the possibility of getting NMIS Mumbai

I have 197 score what are the chances

Attempt 1 Total: 214,  QS: 77, LS: 73 and LR: 64

Attempt 2 Total: 217,  QS: 77, LS: 64 and LR: 76

What are my chances of getting a call from NMIS Mumbai and converting it?

Thanks in advance 

232.. QS - 102, LS - 64, LR - 66.. 

10th - 87.69

12th - 89

Degree - 72

Work Experience - 15 Months till date.

What are my chances to get into NMIMS Mumbai?

Hi to All ,

Firstly here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2015 !!

I just wanted to inquire that in NMIMS B - School , in MBA HR  ( the 2 year course ) since we need to study the same subjects as MBA General course thus do we need to study all Chapters in it ?

E.G : In a book say on Cost A/Cting , there are 30 chapters . So do we need to study all the 30 chapters OR do the professors make us do selective chapters only . 

I request you to please assist in this inquiry . Its extremely urgent .

OA :199  QS:69 LS:62  LR:68 ,window 5 ...Any chances for any call?

1.9 yrs work ex..


I have scored 202 marks in the 5th window




what r the chances of getting call from mumbai?

Those who convert a call, what's their final total score (ie Written + GD PI + Acads + WorkEx) ? Anyone know from 2014 batch?

as per my knowledge nmat score is given 70 percent weightage and ur marks in hsc sc grads work ex 10-15 cdpi left with 15-20 prcnt only..anyone with 230+ in nmat with good acads should sail through with an average cdpi??

Do they give the slot and date for CD/PI themselves or do we need to book our slots like SIBM?

Got call at Nmat score-212. I am 2014 batch pass-out from Thapar University, Mechanical.i don't have work experience.

degree-7.73, 12- 84.8, 10- 88.2. I have not participated in fests or other curricular activities and i m average in cd.What are my chances in banglore  and hyderabad campus.

I am pursuing the CA Course. I have my final examination (one Group) left. I did 3.5 years of articleship as a part of this course. Can this be considered as work experience. Please revert soon as i need to fill the CD/PI form.. 

So the batch size isn't increasing this year! The update so far

i have lost admit card ?? what to do now?

Guys, while registering for CD/PI, we are asked to enter our work experience details such as Start date, End date,Company name and salary. But I just noticed that in 'Academic and Work experience Details' tab, my no. of months of work ex is showing 16. It is actually 12.. Pls help..

Guys, what to write in Work ex "to date" ??

Hey Seniors and fellow puys..I have my CD/PI on 13th Feb,2015.I have few queries regarding the same.Do we have a predefined format for the SOP that we have to send by post?..TIA..Cheers! 

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I am shortlisted for MBA and MBA(HR) But I don't want to attend MBA(HR) selection process, so while filling up CDPI registration form should I change my preferences and make it as only MBA(core)

hi.. does any body have any idea about social entrepreneurship course at NMIMS?? Is it one of an elective after first year or a different course altogether??

Printout of CD/PI form. Where to take is it the same as Application form with added section of CD/PI Registration. Do we need to take the printout of whole form?