AAO Joining CGL'16

A platform providing interaction among the selected candidates for the post of AAO in the CGL'16.

सुस्वागतम् ।


Anyone know abt joining formalities?

🤣 congrats on the new job

I also got AAO

Koi fb or whtsapp grp hai kya?


how to post an image?

Is this post better than bank PO?

First of all, Congrats to all of you who got this coveted job in CAG. Now we all need each other. So, guys drop your phone numbers in the comments so that a group can be created on whatsapp. Because then it will be a lot easier for all of us to share the details and any information that we get and everyone will be benefited from this.

Hello guys, 

Has anyone come across those videos on youtube and those answers on quora that say one needs to be out of home for about 25 days a month. They say that AAO is the most hectic job that one can get from CGL. 

Though I don't really believe this, but would be more relaxed if a genuine source could shed some light on it... 

is there any information available regarding state wise vacancies for AAO?

https://chat.whatsap.com/L1AIBkFAJSwIsQz3Zj2RHX AAO SSC 2016 candidates group....Add 'p' in 'whatsap'

Anybody who regstered on CAG's website for filling state preferences and can not login?

Are you able to login to CAG's website for filling state preferences?

  • No
  • Yes

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Have the final joining dates/allocation of states come? It will be in CAG'S recruitment section right? 

Is it true that north indian aao's presently working in tamil nadu are not given enough marks to clear regional paper despite giving their best efforts? Can anyone tell about this