A roadmap to preparing for CAT 2023

I am sharing a broad set of approach for anyone who is starting their preparation for CAT 2023.

Feel free to share with your friends and peers!

Feel free to join me at my telegram channel where I keep on sharing motivational posts, study ideas etc. But the main focus is on the Quantitative Aptitude portion and on how to improve it!

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Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Strategy

Preparing for Quant seems like such a dauting task. Doesn’t it? So many formulae to remember. Such a vast syllabus.

As a result, people start developing phobia towards Maths. They develop a notion – MATHS IS HARD! It is hard because we run in blindfold, in dark, towards an unknown destination without a structure!!!

FIRST: Start from the basics. Always! Spend less time if you are comfortable. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Just, don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Learn from them.

SECOND: When you get doubts, discuss them with your peers, faculties, ANYBODY.

THIRD: Make copious notes of all the things you learn.

FOURTH: Follow a proper approach Theory + Solved question + Notes :arrow_right: Unsolved questions :arrow_right: Topic Wise Tests :arrow_right: Sectional Tests :arrow_right: Mocks

FIFTH: Prioritise more important topics like HCF / LCM, Arithmetic, Triangles etc.

SIXTH: Make a time schedule for yourselves with regular targets and Deadlines.

FINALLY: Don’t get demoralised if you are not able to solve a tough question. Solving a tough question builds your concepts nicely but not mandatory if you can attempt all of the others near perfectly.

How should I use Pagalguy for my CAT 2023 preperation

Can someone please give the link for previous year simcats and aimcats? Thanks

How was your AIMCAT 2423?
Let’s discuss the scores…

|CAT Full Form|Common Admission Test,conducted on yearly basis for MBA admission by one of the 6 older IIMs|

|CAT 2023 Conducting Institutes|IIM Lucknow. IIMs are the CAT conducting Institutes|
|CAT Entrance Exam Mode|Computer based exam but not an online exam|

When should I start CAT 2023 preparation

The tentative CAT 2023 exam date is November 26 and if you plan to appear for CAT 2023 exam then starting CAT preparation in March-April is a good idea. However, if you start preparation even in July or August 2023, you can crack it

Ability to calculate (QA) Solve the iQuanta question bank after gaining a fundamental understanding of each topic.
VARC stands for verbal ability and reading comprehension.
(LRDI) Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation

First Mock:

Varc: 20 (84.06 %tile)
Dilr: 23 (99.42 %tile)
QA: 28 (97.37 %tile)
OA: 71 (98.72 %tile)

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Will they do it again?