9 March 2018 Tier 2 Serious Aspirants

This group is for all those people whose cgl 2017 tier 2 is rescheduled on 9th March 2018. Please discuss important questions here and formulate strategies to crack this exam. All mischievous elements will be banned.

Kya Kya naya kar re ho ye btao...

 shortcut plz - https://imgur.com/a/oPTIX

my way ->multiplying eq alternatively by x and y and then solving simultaneously.


Guys quadratic equation kha se kr rhe ho?

Bhai mensuration ke liye Kahan se practice kr rhe?

3 eq in 3 variables. exam approach?


Geometry kaha se kar rahe ho

Rakesh yadav ke mock test ki PDF ho to bhej do koi Bhai.

Geometry kaha se kar rhe ho Bhai logo

Total gadha Ka pdf koi lga rha?

Kya padh re ho khn se padh rhe ho?

Love day bhara group. Koi ans hi nhi deta.😡😡

share kiye hue questions dekhe kuch. 

unme bhi v.easy sawaal dikh jayenge. 

0.09% of 25% of 1200, two successive discount of 20%, bus travels 720km in 20hrs find avg speed in m/s, 0.06% of 250% of 1600, third proportion to 10 and 20, 3A=6B=9C  so A:B:C, avg of even no between 104 and 148... to list a few.

dekhke lagta h saare shifts ek level hi hue iss hisaab se.  don't you agree?

Yaar Quantum Cat online Puri nhi h?

Guys I am the only one feeling like losing touch with the concepts? This reexam feels tougher and tougher.😥

yr iska ans toh root mai aa rha h

Hi All, MPR region 9th March admit cards available http://www.sscmpr.org/

Yaar Jo cuboid ko equal size me cut karte hai aur surface area inc puchte hai aise question kaise kartey hai,