740 V42 Q48 - Some More debrief and CR strategies



I have taken Gmat for second time on September 7 , 2011 at 1.00 pm , Pearson , Hyderabad.

I do not mean any disrespect, but I was wondering how come you gave your GMAT on Sept 7th, when you had posted earlier that you had taken a date of 25th Oct (and as far as I remember, you were planning to postpone that date by a week or so, but were advised by some puys to not do that !)
Just asking because you are planning to advice and mentor other puys, and I wanted to clear the doubt that I had.

Hey Sausi,

Well I gave my gmat second time on September 7th ! I was thinking of Oct 25 as a test date ! I got a leave of 2 weeks at work , so pre-poned (50 $) and gave it in September to go with the momentum. I am planning to retake in march / April again with an aim of 760 ( 99 percentile ) as I do teach gmat to folks in my city and would like to put up my Score in front of them for obvious reasons.

Am impressed with your keen observation but even before you come out , yeah jus re-confirm the claims made by other person 😉

Hey Sausi,
jus re-confirm the claims made by other person ;)

That was the reason I wrote that I do not mean any disrespect, it was just to clear my head :)
(Hope you did not mind ! )
There have been cases in the past where people have put up a fake debrief just to have fun and I wasted a few hours to find later that they were fakes :(

I would suggest you to also put up a strategy for people who do not do too well or up to their mark in GMAT the first time round.
There are a lot of them who want to give it another shot and someone like you who did awesome 2nd time round, could help them more than the debrief for first timers.

And the keen observation was because of your unusual id (Igloo), reminds me of Seals and people covered head to toe in Fur

bers for some excellent posts that aided in my prep !


hey igloo kindly edit your post and remove your personal contact info...its against the rules..in PG

Thanks igloo for the great tips. However, what I was wondering is that how have you started taking the second batch of GMAT students even before you took the GMAT ?