50 days at IIFT!

I’ve had the time of my life! That sums it up if it were to be said in a line. But with god’s grace and law of randomised freedom( dont try looking this up), I have a day to write in detail today. First ill tell you about what the institu…

I've had the time of my life!
That sums it up if it were to be said in a line.

But with god's grace and law of randomised freedom( dont try looking this up), I have a day to write in detail today.
First ill tell you about what the institute and its faculty is like:-
* wonderful infra. Fabulous classrooms, great audio-visual aids, own lockers. Comps in each room, hi fi wired campus,Good hostel.
* We are laminarly a small institute only 7 acres but we are bigger than most B-schools when you consider how we are huge vertically.
* In the heart of delhi we are surrounded by greeeeaaaat places around. ( so Im told maybe Ill get to figure out by next sem).
* The faculty rocks. Yes aspirants teachers are freindly and smart. They are here, half our faculty is guest faculty. We have guest faculty who are reknown names in their fields. Its an honour to sit in their classes.
* The schdules are hectic really hectic. Sleep we get is 3-4 hrs a day. But now I can proudly say im used to it.
* IIFT is always awake. Till 3 at night we have ppl playing games and thro the night the comp centre and reading rooms are full of people.
* We have purpose and discipline in almost everything we do.
* Its perfect harmony and good enviro we live in. Its real fun.

Moving on to the people:-
* everyone here is a acheiver in a way, be it someone who rejected ISB, and couple of IIMS to be here. Someone whos left great job profile. People who have headed projects in afganistan. IITIANS, Poets, sportspersons etc etc etc.
* a great ( read cut throat) sense of competition exists here between all the 100 students.
* The backgrounds are very diverse. Myself being from mecahnical engg I expected a lot of engineers. They are there but so are people from Eco, Com,maths, fashion,CA's,doctors etc all backgrounds.That makes it crores of experiences to share.
* the senior batch is one bunch of smart people. They are good to interact with and also to find sols to assignments. We expect to have our first party this weekend, Waiting for it day and nite.
* The staff is efficient. Im yet to stand in long stupid queues for any job at all.

What all I have experinced that no one in the country could have offered. We are blessed with great seminar and corporaste meets here at IIFT, there's something really positive that comes with being a govt,. insti.
* Seminar by Scott Brayman, ceo GE india.
* Stress management session by intl hostage negotiatior, LEE JAMES from australia.
* Visit by Pakistani delegation of students. They are on campus tday.
* Talk by MR. Datta , WTO.
* Dr. sahu coming from CANADA to teach us HRM
* Dr. Pathak coming to teach from ISM dhanbad.
* Seminars by CARGILL india.

Well there is a lot more to tell and Ill complete this tmoro for sure.
Id have to leave it right now.
I invite any queries and response.
I shall ad a few thngs bout opur clubs, placements, events, pdps, etc tmoro nite.
Till then
IIFT, School of international business.

IIFT,NM,SCMHRD etc. r goin to conduct their own exam this yr??

going by the reviews rather than what you have experienced @ IIFT many guys including me are gonna get the forms as soon as they are available? btw, when are they available?

The forms should be tentatively available by end of theis month.
The pictures for the prospectus were clicked only a fortnight ago.
It is certain we are going to have our own exam unless some late intervention be HRD comes up like last year. Ours is a very different paper and may not be clubbed with others.
Ill keep you updated as soon as there is any info.

The day before I left the mesage
I shall add a few thngs bout opur clubs, placements, events, pdps, etc tmoro nite..

But I somehow couldnt the time to last night and I'll complete the unfinished task today.
Firstly a couple of additions to what I wrote before:
1. Mr. Tyagi visited us from Worldbank for a meet with first year students as well.
2. The pakistani delegation who were on our canmpus the day before are also going to IIMA, NMIMS,IIMB and have already been to MDI. They were delighted with their stay in Delhi. It has been covered by this times edition of Education Times.

Moving on to the clubs:1
* We have a student body of the students, for the students & by the students.
Its the IMF, international management forum. It tackles all the student related issues, Logistics for all events be it seminars, lectures, meets,cults, extra curics and all the fun.
* We have a separate Placecom looking after all the placements.
* The Marketing club BRANDWAGON
* the finance club CASH-O-NOVA.
* Trading club BLASH ( by the way for aspirants that mean 'buy low and sell high'
* Systems club SYSTEMIX
* Auto forum VELOCITY]
* Quiz club Quintessential
* Pharma club CATALYST
* literary club AVANTGARDE
and tons of non sensical self made clubs like WB430, BPG's, 4P's etc.

All thse clubs meet once every week and keep you updated with all activities in these fields in an interactive and fun fashion

We also have a couple of online games which are grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt fun. The are about online stock trading named IIFT STREET. It is fabolous to say the least.
and forgive me if I have forgotton a couple of clubs as this was all which I recollect after a hectic day.

Next is the placements: well to say the least we have had placements which have justified us being among the top B-school's of the country. The placements in trading and marketing have been as good as you'll find in the country. Even IT sector visited us and picked huge number of students. AUTO, PHARMA, TRADE, RETAIL have always been great. The great surge in the FIN sector placements lately has also been contributing to the pklacements. The average figure was 6.65 last year. And that is absolutely official since we are a govt. insti plz do not expect a rupee of exxageration about our figures.

IIFT has a good culture which makes it an outright positive organisation. These are things like
* Our pdp's:- the senior junior interaction sesions which go on for 3 weks in the begining of the 1st trimester. Its great fun and also puts you in the habit of staying up till late ( sorry that shouls be early since its till early in the monin.)
* the B'day bash:- The water buckets pouring on the B day boy/gal from the sixth floor, bumps, loads to eat, junglee cake cutting, photo sessions etc.
* The games: MOTLEY BREW is a annual absolutely informal games week where we get to play cricket, voleyball, tt, b'ball, chess. It is in great spirit and competition and participation of girls in teams of each are compulsory. Besides we play games till late in night every night after 11 or 12.

Ill sure like to keep everyone on forum aware of all the fests and events at our end. We have business talks and lectures at TRADEWINDS, cult and biz event QUO VADIS. Wel its all coming up before november and about the dates I'll keep the forum informed.

What I have written here is biger than what I wrote in my mid terms in few of the subjects so its already taxing on my fingers.

And ya I didnt mention up front but am doing so in the end that this is not at all a promotion for IIFT.
Im enjoying and learning from my time at IIFT. Being a part of PG for over 6 months i thought since Im into a b-school, now its my responsibility to let people preparing have an insight into what life here is like.
I shall like to add that each b-school has something unique about us. To call a b-school in the same league better than another is a mistake is nothing less than stupid.
A lot goes into ur placements just not the name of the insti. Its ur personality, hardwork and combined efforts for placement. My generalising activities and happenings only goes on to prove that its ur focus, determination & desire that gets you to a b-school or another and not the rankings.
Hope I get feedback for all that I've written specifically if its critical. I appreciate the positive inputs from my friends at MDI and IBS who msgd back
IIFT, School of International Business.

Adding to whatever Gautam has said....
We also have Yoga classes to beat the so called stress-which according to Mr.Lee doesnt exist. It is really fun doing all those Asanas there , where we eagerly await for "SHAVASAN" ......
Well it really feels great to be on your toes for approx 20 hours out of 24 hours a day...Just you have to tune yourself according to the rhythm and that combined with the best infrastructure and fun on campus it is really a wonderful place..
Well right now I am typing in the Business Communication classes where Prof. A.C Jesurajan is teaching us about the Written communication.
Well see u later and I will come up with more.......

hii i never applied to iift last year. actually didnt know abt it. dont know how i missed it anyways better late than ever. thinkin of applyin this year. plz guys tell me when the forms are out. also i want some first hand info on placements and wat is the fee structure and other costs.(lodging, studentc activites etc). have fun and enjoy.

* Visit by Pakistani delegation of students. They are on campus tday.

hey pls, now dont say bangladeshi delegates r next..
by the way do any of u guys want to get placed in pakistan?? just asking.
* Dr. sahu coming from CANADA to teach us HRM

Gosh.. half of Mr. Sahu's life spends in flying between INDIA and CANADA.


Getting placed in Pakistan, well why not?
If the profile is good, students at INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN TRADE dont mind dear.
The delegation comprised of 12 students from Lahore University Of Management Studies. They are curently in IIM ahmedabad. Will head next to IIMB.
So they chose IIMA, IIMB, IIFT and MDI to visit. I failed to understand ur amazement about the two topics you chose to reply to.
Dr. Sudheer Saha it is and not Sahu. It was a mistake in my initial post naming him Dr. Sahu.
Ya! So whatever you found out about Mr. Sahu is not applicable here. To learn about the guy you can mighty well use the internet at your behest to search for this international expert in HRM. I hope you get the message!
I appreciate your response to my post. It is an open forum and everyone can express his/her opinion. Since opinions are like A#@holes since everyone has one. You my freind sure do.
IIFT, Schol of International business.

We are having a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt array of speakers lined up to visit us the coming one month.

On 27th guess whose coming?
Jyotiraditya Scindia, to speak on the role of youth in modern enterprises.
We also have a couple of corporate lectures. All in a span of 10 days.
Ill give details of these lectures as soon as possible.
One of the guys is coming from abroad only to deliver one lecture at IIFT.

Man it feels good being in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IIFT, School of International Business.

Dear Gautam

Please ask your friends at IIFT to chip in, as this thread would turn into drab if its Rest of PG V/S one Gautham.(i know its not a fight, still!!!)

Please buddy...




u have written abt teh placemnet scene, but it does not give us full information on wht companies came to iift, wht were the highest and the lowest salaries.

also, were there any mncs, tht came to iift?

kindly furnish us with these details :)


hi guys....
I am enclosing the placement report of IIFT from our site......
Well placement here are not the first thing in our mind,the stress is on making the learning experience more fruitful...Anyway check out the new site at www.iift.edu
Placements 2004

IIFT, being one of the country's premiere business schools, boasts of producing India's finest global business managers. Its unique curriculum and pedagogy, attuned to giving students a well-rounded exposure to the nuances of international business, has made it a favourite recruiting destination for national and international conglomerates alike. With a 40-year strong brand image to its credit, IIFTians live up to the motto where excellence is the way of life.

IIFTians today are at the helm of various business divisions and holding eminent positions in companies across the globe.

Placements at IIFT have always been 100% and placements 2004 especially have been phenomenal: IIFT placed its entire batch of 2002 - 04 on the very first day of its hiring schedule. The icing on the cake - the average salary on offer was Rs 6.5 lakh per annum.

Based on the summer internships, 18% of the batch had already received pre-placement offers before the placement week had started. TAS, Hindustan Lever and Agrotech were some of the companies that participated in the pre-placement process. 20% of the batch was placed in trading majors, with Cargill visiting IIFT as the very first campus from where they are recruiting, while there were nine placements in international companies like Olam International, Wilson International and Nobel Grains.

Information Technology majors like Infosys, Wipro and HCL Technologies have recruited 20% of the batch. Pharma companies like Dr Reddys Laboratories, Dabur Pharma, and FMCG majors like Hindustan Lever, ITC and Godrej also participated in the process. Banking institutions ABN Amro, HDFC Bank and Global Trust Bank, and energy sector giants like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation are the other companies that have recruited this year.

Commenting on the offers that IIFT students have received, Mr. Prabir Sengupta, Director General, IIFT, said, The boundaries between international and domestic business are fast disappearing and it is in this context that IIFTians have an unbeatable edge."

List Of Major Recruiters

Adani Exports Agro Tech Foods American Devices Angelique International
Apollo Tyres Arvind Mills Ashima Syntex
Balmer-Lawrie & Co. Balsara Hygiene Products Beehives Systems BPCL
Bharti Tele-Venture Birla Management Corporation Bombay Dyeing Britannia Industries
Business Consulting Group
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Care India Cargill India CII
Colgate-Palmolive CMC India
Dabur India Daewoo International Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Eicher Goodearth Eicher International Electa Gulf Electrolux
Essar Group ESSEM International Exim Bank of India
Frito Lay India
Gas Authority of India GE Plastics India Global Trust Bank Godfrey Phillips India
HDFC Bank Hindustan Lever HPCL H & R Johnson India
Hyundai Motors
ICI i-flex Solution i-Maritime IMRB
Indian Airlines Indian Aluminum Co. Indian Oil Corporation
Indian Rayon & Industries
Indo-German International Indo-Rama Synthetics India IndusInd Bank IPCA Laboratories
Jindal Iron & Steel Jindal Strips J K Corporation
Kaybee Group KSA Technopak India Kuok Oils & Grains
Larsen & Toubro Louis Dreyfus Lupin
Mahindra & Mahindra Maersk India Mafatlal Industries Marubeni Corporation
Maruti Udyog MMTC
National Organic Chemicals NBCC Nestle India Nicholas Piramal
Olam International ONGC
Paper Products Patni Computer Systems PlanetAsia.com PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Polaris Software Lab Power Finance Corporation Project & Equipment Corp.
Ramco Systems Ranbaxy Lab Reckitt & Coleman of India Reliance Industries
Ruchi Worldwide
Sara International Schuller Group Shaw Wallace & Co. State Trading Corporation
Sterlite Industries Sundaram Clayton Sun Pharma Industries Surya Pharmaceuticals
Tata Administrative Services Tata Consultancy Services Tata Exports Tata Infotech
Tata International Tata Motors Thermax TISCO
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Trident Group TVS Electronics TVS Motor Company
TVS Sundaram Fastners
UB Group Usha Martin
VJIL Consulting
Welspun Polyesters (I) Whirlpool of India Wipro Infotech Wockhardt

Hello Junta,
First of all i am sorry for being late on this thread but I was really too busy........................ :!: :!:

After my initial experiences about the IIFT ( and you can imagine why i called them just experiences, for details refer to the RAPED thread) things have chnaged for better here in all respects of life.

The quality of IIFT that distinguishes it from other people is continous bond building with people across.( hey i am not saying that others don;t do it)

Where else you will find a commerce graduate teaching to engineers + me just 5 hours before midsemester exam ( after all everyone looks for sleep of 3 hrs 59 minutes atleast and he iddnt had even that sleep)

Or for that matter our BUDDY from DSE ( yes add his 2 years of work ex to it as well) giving eco lessons to batchmates whose names he doesn't even remembers.............. :idea:

The major criteria for deciding the goodness of any institute is its placement ( again i am talking about general feeling) IIFT earlier had a record of keeping lesser people with work ex.. but things have changed
this year we have 40% of class with work ex with people and all these people are damn good in their fundas and goals

The background as gautam has spoken about has got a diversity that only a few B school in india would have been enjoying. People with background/ work ex in R&D;, Merchant navy, medicine, urban planning,fashion design,CWA, CA, polymer sciences, BHEL, PMO office + the usual stuff like people from TCS, INFY and other organisations.
in reality the life is going cool here and I am proud to be a part of this great insti
there might be a few people in CAT Junta who might be interested in persuing th Exec masters for those we have two other courses
I will speak about thses two only if someone is interested in it for any querry, you can log on to this thread or just click to the insti site

bbye till the next log in
skool of Intl business

Hiee junta,

let me share a truth with you people

IIFT just gives everything in excess

1. Too much no. of books on day one ( i thought it was for entire year)

2. TOO MUCH of PDP's by seniors

3. Too much of classes (4 first time that i am writing a mail in daytime on monday)

4. TOO much assignments ( it happens everyday)

5. TOO MUCH Presentations ( its impossible for any human to do them alone)

6. TOO MUCH QUIZZES & MID SEMS( finally they are over)

7. TOO MUCH of industrial interaction ( now I'm bored of INTL Guest lectures

8. TOO MUCH of birthday bumps ( for 1 birthday at least 6-7 people get bumps)

9. TOO MUCH of party and booze( just have had enough of it on saturday but still we need more of it)

10. TOO MUCH OF REST ( I am so tired of sleeping now that i have to bunk classes and go to sleep again , after all you will also feel tired after 18 hours of sleep)

The LESSON : iF U can satisFy uRseLf wiD LesseR QuanTity theN


COZ IIFT is 4 PPL who think about BIG no. ( like me)

gud knite once again

mBa(ib) 2006
sKooL of Intl BZnes

well..this post is in reply to one of our friends who felt that if only gautam kept running the thread so to say, the thread might break..lolz...so urs truly had to chip in..
well guys not many of us are into this business of "posting' cuz there's hardly any time...but still ill try and add a few things which hasnt already been mntioned abt IIFT-school of internationl business management.
well all the seniors,i.e in their 4th trimester, go for a port visit..the whole batch is divided into various contingents each of them heading for one of singapore, bombay,dubai,vizag and chennai..thats another cool experience..so thats quite like iift..aint it!..where they are given hands-on training in areas of intl. business and trading..

the guest lectures are interesting to say the least but i guess we have a problem of plenty...we dont want to miss them but then this constant battle against heavy eyelids..trying to stay awake...manage to ask intelligent and incisive questions at the end is also something that is driven deep into our syastems..

the batch profile is awesome to say the least./.1/3 ppl with solid work experience..2/3 engineers...doctor..
anyways so much for now ppl..
do shoot any queries u might hv..

MBA(IB) 2004-06
ph: +91 9818 33 10 33

[email protected]
[email protected]


I am extremely sorry to say:

probably its gonna be my LAST mail to PG

but those who are feeling happy about it wait ( its my last mail for month of august)

We have got 1 week left in the trimester and situation seems pretty tense
( gotta complete 5 assignments + projects within a week)

can life get worse????????????????????????????

( yah if I fail to complete projects, I will have to take up exam of IIFT again)

I have got my fundas better in eco, accts and even stats ( despite it being my grads subject I didnt even knew what is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

the only thing that I am feeling happy about is 10 days break after sem is over

( despite being in delhi I am not able to go home for past 3 weeks)

so bbye and take care

sKool of Intl Bznes

Hey junta,

we just got our exams over ( actually last evening, but I slept and got down to comp just now)

throughout the exam there was one startling thing.................absence of exam fear

earlier during the exam time I used to study for whole night n do all such stupid things

but now we just stopped preparing dfor exams

the very few moments where I got my full sleep was the exam time ( when else You can sleep for 10 hrs a day when you have classes 7-7????????

sleeping till 12 in morn, Playing games on comp, partying, freak outs are all parts of this exam culture at IIFT

but rt now I am too tired ( coz I slept for 14 hrs)

Now gotta take some rest ( i e sleep)


sKool of inTl bZnes