3 places you loved and 3 where you want to go!

Hi All puys Guess there will be quite a few out there who like travelling a lot. And India is one place which still has hundreds of unexplored places. You’ve probably been to some exotic places :: and some places which you’ve seen on th…

Hi All puys
Guess there will be quite a few out there who like travelling a lot. And India is one place which still has hundreds of unexplored places.

You've probably been to some exotic places and some places which you've seen on that poster on the internet, some tour guide booklet, an email, or heard others describe vividly that captivated you so much that you wish you could be there just for once.

It may be an adventure sport like bungee jumping, river rafting or paragliding that you wish you could try or have already tried, or it may be some romantic spot you saw. or it maybe that you're interested in some real wildlife/scenic photography. But you need the right group of people, time, equipments and location. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" So it might be that welcome break you're looking for, from your hectic work schedule or preparations to rejuvenate yourself to be back in action in full vigor.

Time is a big factor as it gets tough to co-ordinate when the number of people involved gets large in number. But you never know. We might be able to get it done once in a month or two though with a different group each time.

Soliciting beautiful, scenic and mesmerizing locations that you have visited and would like to share with others to share the beauty..


It maybe your dream destinations and adventures so that maybe a few of us can get together and go on that raring trek of the Himalayas or Western/Eastern ghats or a walk down a scenic valley, city/town chatting with friends, or maybe a fun time :drinking: :cheers: on the river bank/beach out in the open and the camera lens finding it tough to blink at the speed the eye captures those moments.

Let the dreams pour in...

3 Places I have loved
Egypt - So much history and heritage
Leh, Ladakh - Very very beautiful
Niagara Falls - No words to describe this place
Bonus: AIPGM 7th edition in Mumbai - Mastie Reloaded

3 places I want to go
Agra - Been very unlucky on this one. Everytime a plan is made it has been cancelled for different reasons
Manipur / Mizoram - Not sure of the exact place. Just that the range of stories from unpolluted beauty to the Government neglecting the area makes me want to see the place. Still researching
Las Vegas - What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So I want to have my share of happenings.

I did start the thread but never posted my own choices!

Travelling is one of my passion, but I've got limited opportunities till now 😞 Never ventured or got the chance to venture out of India and I dream every day of the day I set foot on each and every part of the world!!

3 places I have loved
Manali - Though I went in April when it was hot and we had to go in search of snow, I loved the trip on the whole and the fun time we had there.
Mysore - 2 days at this place and I loved the palaces, scenic beauty, cleanliness
Hyderabad - Trip from college to Ramoji film city, snow world..Must visit places!

Dream destinations
Kashmir - Paradise on earth! Ever since I watched the movie "Roja", it has never left my dreams.
Maldives - The clear sea, beaches and the infinite photography locations has always attracted me
Switzerland - Playground of Europe, the snow capped mountains, mountain trails. Beauty to be captured on lens.

These are the major ones. There are many others also like a trek of the Western/Eastern ghats, Darjeeling, Nainital, Nepal...the list just goes on and on..So basically I mean any place on planet Earth!

3 places i loved:

Bandra Bandstand (among the urban)

3 places i would love to visit

machu pichu

3 places I loved

Maldives : Nothing beats this one. The beauty is unmatched. No words or photos can do justice to the heaven called Maldives. See it to believe it.
Kashmir : Tall mountains, beautiful valleys, misty weather.....get lost in nature till you hear a gunshot.
Rajasthan : Historical forts & palaces, amazing culture, delicious food. Am yet to see Jaisalmer though.

Places I want to go

Egypt : A cruise on the Nile.
New Zealand

3 Places I loved :

Rajasthan - almost every city I went
Bangalore - Lucky to be here
Manali - Lovely weather

3 countries I would like to go :

New Zealand

Places I loved:

1.San Francisco, USA (Ive been pretty much through the entire country and this is the best American city, hands down. Its very open and global)
2.New York, USA (The next best one. Though I should admit that I havent been to ALL US cities. )
3.Egypt (The pyramids, duh!)

Places I want to go to:
1.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (actually I would like to tour the whole country, especially the Amazon)
2.Himalayas (India or Nepal)
3.The Mayan Pyramids in Mexico

Sorry for the double post but the posting was loading extremely slow, reporting some gateway error. So Im writing this over the duplicate.

Without geography, you're nowhere. ~Author Unknown
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Places I want to go to
3.Las vegas

3 Places I loved:-

3 Places I want to go to:-

3 places i loved-

3 places i want to go to-

3 places i loved going to
* capetown - mountain ,sea,beach,national sanctuary,penguins,island..in short collage of amazing sightseeing
* goa - for true gypsie experience
* mussorie - queen of hills

3 on my wishlist
* antarctica -fascinated by eight below
* amazon forests
* kashmir

3 places i loved

3 places i want to go

Would love to visit SPACE

I love traveling more than gymming. More specifically, I love to visit sacred places and feel the breeze of islands.

3 places I loved:
1) Kashmir(Heaven. Truly heaven!)
2) Harmandir Sahib (Better known as The Golden Temple.)
3) Port Blair

3 places where I want to go:
1) French Polynesia (Arguably The most beautiful island on the planet, IMO)
2) Boudhanath (For I wish to know more about Buddhism.)
3) Venice (No reason, pure passion.)