28 Morning BSNL JE EXAM

wrong questions---

part 1- EMBARRASS same options....

part 2-   24,25,3753,,70,83,102,109

part 3- 118,121,123,125,136,154,159,160,162,170,171,173,179,181,182,183,185,186, 194,196,198,199

documentry proof me book page ko scan karke send karna hoga kya

i want to know one thing that the bsnl will publish the marks of all candidates circle wise because then it will be easy to apply in circle in which candidates are scoring low marks?

That samjh nahi aa Raha itne sare question ko kaise collect karoon with proof

BSNL JE answer Key Released


bhai koi objection submit kar raha hai?

NODE wala answer sahi hai ya galat ??? lets discuss... CAR CHARGER Wala b....

iska little bit doubr hai..jada ni... bs ans bta do   .

The major drawback of a primary cell is that

  .A 'n' bit flash type ADC requires maximum of ______ to complete conversion

answer given is correct or not?? 

The Second Order Derivative of a function at Maximum Level is?? ans kya hoga bhailog

Let ƒ:X → Y be an onetoone

map. Then which of the following is not correct? ans sahi hai kya??

Sound loudness is represented by??? ans??

In pushup list the item retrieved is the?

Integration wale ka none ara...


Transmission lines operated at ? 220 kV nahi hona chahiye Kya? ...kyon generation hits hai at 15kv then it is step up at 220 for transmission ...to iska answer galat nahi lag Raha ?

Q174 servo system wale ka B  nahi hona chahiye?

Positive (regenerative) feedback makes system unstable

yar proof collect krna bahut tough kaam :((((

proof for Q70

  Book Name : Basic Electrical Engineering by mittal & mittal    

Page no. – 89     

EXplanation(wording from page 89):- LAWS OF MAGNETIC CIRCUITS :-Flux in magnetic circuit is analogous to current flowing in electrical circuit,magnetomotive force for magnetic circuit is analogous to electromotive force in electrical circuit.

so ohms law for magnetic circuit will be

mmf=flux x reluctance