25th September 2016 EVENING BSNL TTA


list the wrong questions here 

question number 25 clear hai kya?

∫π/2 0 (log tanx) dx

in question no 27 none of the answers are right........isnt it?

Question 27.Which one of the following ia an analytic function


a) f(z)=sinz

b) f(z)=z

c) f(z)=Rz

d) f(z)=Im(z)

Correct Answer: f(z)=sinz

correct ans are 

Q32-a., Q34-A,  Q35-A,  Q36-B,  Q37-NONE,  Q50-B,  Q53-B,

Question 76.The ripple factor of a power supply is a measure of



Question 90.The maximum ac power output from a class A power amplifier is 10 W. What should be the minimum power rating of the transformer used?

Question 91.If a high degree of selectivity is desired, then doubletuned

circuit should have



Question 111.Major disadvantage of using three sets of SCRs for variable voltage speed control of a SCIM is the 

Q122-D, 132-C,  135-B, 

Q146-D,  148-A, 149-NONE,  Q157-A,  158-B,  159-C,,  160-A, 161-A, 166-NONE,  

  167-B,  171-D, 173-B, 174-B,, 175-C,, 

The output resistance of a voltage source is 4 ohm. Its internal resistance will be

181-C,,184-B,,186-B,,188-D,, 194-D,, 199-A, 200-B

Question 195.In RC inductive reactance, FET is so arranged that

Question 197.The data transfer rate of a double density floppy disc system is about ________

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bhai jo question post kiya hu.....unko discuss kr lete hai

guys objection ke liye prrof chahiye....can we solve the numericals and add the pic of that in the format given???????????????