[23-Nov-08] IIFT 2008: Paper Discussions

Please make use of this thread for discussing the IIFT 2008 paper… This thread is intended for the paper-related discussions alone, and to keep the other running thread for queries alone… So here we go… ATB, Puys!

Please make use of this thread for discussing the IIFT 2008 paper..

This thread is intended for the paper-related discussions alone, and to keep the other running thread for queries alone..

So here we go.. ATB, Puys!

It seems maths is bit tricky and emphasis on some topics only . . Hm,am etc

Hey the paper was good, but had 6 sections this year, as opposed to 4 sections with sub-sections last year. Whether the paper will have sectional cutoffs is anybody s guess. I have attempted only 3 or 4 questions in DI, so jus hope i don get a negative score!! just the kind of paper where you come back home after attempting it, and you still have no idea how it went!!

Btw, do instis release the key 4 IIFT?

Hi Puys,

6 sections seems interesteing. Could somebody post some more details? How many questions? Any particular section people felt tough? How was the difficulty level compared to last year?

Anyone has any idea how much the cutoff is going to be this year?

Paper was a good one. A number of questions in maths were prom progressions mainly AM GM. DI was too calculation intensive. Worse part of the calculations were one needed to be correct to 2 or 3rd dec places in some questions. English was good too. Passages were of medium length. LR was the best of the lot!!

Section topic no. of qs. marks/qs

1 QA 27 .7
2 DI 26 .8
3 RC 12 .8
4 VA 23 .7
5 GK 30 .3
6 LR 32 .8

I could attempt 4 each in qa, di n rc. 😐 hope a +ve score there at least.
qa n di was on the tougher side.


As compared to last year the paper was little tough..Except LR&DI; all sections were on higher side of difficulty.Passage was lengthy and questions are all too long..
Section2-Math--Tough(Considering so many que cmng 4m progressions)
Section3-DI-Lot Easy comapred to last year..
Section4-Difficult(Passage was lengthy and questions are all too long..)
Section5-Vocab(I cann't differntiate between diff and easy):innocent:
section6-Easy(Caompared to last year)

I think cutoff this year will be little lower than last year.


Paper was ok...i think much difficult as compared last year especially quant.

anyone knows what was the cut-off last year ?

iift 2008:

oa-150q,mirror image of the iift 2007 paper..virtually the paper was of the same level as compared to the iift 2007 the only differece being the individual 6 sections as of 3 in 2007...di-extensive calculation-i found it to be the toughest among all the section..

i was lucky in gk..was astonished to c q wid the topic which i read in the last week...

ma attempts:

sec 1- 7 q - 4.9
sec 2- 0q - 0
sec 3- 7q - 5.6
sec 4- 10q - 7.0
sec 5- 13q - 3.9
sec 6- 10q - 8.0

oa- 47q - 29.40

expecting 27+/- 1 in overall

worried abt the sectional-cutoffs as have 0 attemptsin di section.

rest everyhng was good...

ma take on oa cutoff- 30+/-1

as last year cut-off was uncertain..but it was arnd 32..this year i hope it to be in bw 25-27..

fingers crossed for the results...

all the best to all...

it was around 30.But some lucky ones also got below it.dont know what was the criteria

Hav attempted only 25 ques
rc- 4
eu- 5
gk- 11
lr- 10
di- 5

Well Guys the paper was nice , considering the fact that it does not has sectional cutoff , LR was the most scoring then QA had some sitters then the Verbal Ability part was nice like sentence correction except the hardcore Meanings of the words etc , am not good at that RC was lengthy dint attempt it n the same was for DI !!!

Well i have some queries out here ,

can any1 tell how to solve the question
sum of the series 1^2 - 2^2 + 3^2 - 4^2..............- 2002^2 + 2003^2
I Know its an easy question but dint get it there Donno y !!!!

Also wat could be the probable cutoff !!!
Thanks in advance...

hey puys...

Shouldnt we take the fact into consideration that this yr we had 1/4 negative as compared to 1/3rd last yr...

so i think the cutoff shud be the same if not higher....

$iddharth Says
anyone knows what was the cut-off last year ?

As already mentioned, last year the cut-off was around 32. However, as far as I remember, there was no sectional cut-off. If same trend is followed even this year, it would be good for those who have not attempted a particular section or are getting NIL or negative score in one of the sections.

More details :

Section 1 : GK : 0.3x30 : Pretty doable, some direct questions if one has prepared from IMS, CL material. 13 attempts.

Section 2 : LR : 0.8x32 : Some sets were doable, some not. Pretty good mix. 15 attempts.

Section 3 : QA : 0.7x27 : I didnt find it easy, though others did. Moderately difficult. 10 attempts.

Section 4 : DI : 0.8x26 : Not as difficult as last year, some people would surely have done well. I didnt have much time, plus m slow at DI. 3 attempts.

Section 5 : RC : 0.8x12 : 3 passages, slightly weird, slightly lengthy, more like parts from a story, but definitely not difficult. 7 attempts.

Section 6 : VA : 0.7x23 : Found it quite easy, tried to maximize. 21 attempts.

Overall, balanced paper, still no info on sectionals. One can do well if one stays cool, and doesnt get stuck up in a question. Paper had adequate easy and difficult questions, depends on what one chose. Lets c wt estimates of cutoffs d coaching instis dole out...

Well Guys the paper was nice , considering the fact that it does not has sectional cutoff

Does it not? I think it does. Seniors please correct me if I am wrong.

Guys, A small query just to clear d doubt - Was everyone allowed to take the question paper back home? I had heard question paper is not given, but ours werent collected back. :

As for my take on the paper -

Tougher as compared to 2007 only to the extent that this year it had 6 sections and to be on the safer side, attempting all sections meant going through the time consuming DI which otherwise people would have avoided. I guess the basic intention of examiners separating the sections was to test us in all areas. Cut offs as per me should be lower than last year.

Rest, fingers crossed for the analysis to be out..