23 evening electrical SSC JE Challenges

Discuss if any question needs to be challenged

 23 evening electrical....what is the meaning of X and N 

QID:902 Which one of the following is the CORRECT expression for the heat generated in a conductor?  Options:

Correct Answer: X/N 

 QID : 984 - A zero watt lamp consumes
 correct answer:  About 15 to 20 W power 

in following link it is given 5 to 7W


Please post any other Questions that u think needs to be challenged.

Q 921 ans should be tesla.

QID : 969 - Which of the following is a static exciter?

Speed of the ceiling fan is about

QID : 965 - The motor used on small lathes is usually

QID : 993 For

proper operation of a transistor, its collector should have

ट孀� ांिज驾�र के उिचत संचालन हेतु, इसके सं埀�ाहक मែ� ퟖ�ा होना ज퟇�री है?


1) proper forward bias

उिचत अ埀�िदिशक बायस

2) proper reverse bias

उिचत प蠀 चिदिशक बायस

3) very small size

अ៸�ंत छोटा आकार

4) None of these

Correct Answer: proper reverse bias

उिचत प蠀 चिदिशक बायस

Candidate Answer: None of these

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