20th Feb Tier 2 Exam Discussion Group

Discussing wrong questions and submitting representations

Qid:101-abnegation =denial,yielding ,lekin google main denial hai

Qid :140 error in 1 .have + v3

Qid150 2 error 1. The earth ....3. Restriction...

Any group on whatsapp??

Any wrong questions in maths?

The only thing that endures and can sustain (1)/ an infant till the stage it receives immunity (2)/ comes from the consumption of mothers milk. (3)/ No error (4) I think option 2 and 3 both are correct

Got 147+169+112.5...Ur 20th feb...whatwhat do you think?  is there a fat chance?

Plz check 255 & 256 in English....I think both are wrong....

QID 143..There mus be two correct answers i.e both 1 and 3 In 1 apostrophe ('s) is superfluous In 3 part include should replace included


English 20th feb ? some doubts..150, 214, 215, 255. koi check karke btyega?

I got 154.5 pre mains maths 137 and english 157.25 total 448.75 chance?and if yes how to prepare for descriptive.pls comment

Not even a single question is wrong in Maths except 23rd, which SSC has already marked 


Question no. 37 maths ka..galat hai..

I really think 20th feb was the toughest shift because lengthiest exam

For the Question with no Correct answer, Do we get Marks if we haven't attempted the Question?

Queston No 30 in Maths ....please check it. QSR is supposed to be a semi-circle and QR is diameter, but nothing is explicitly mentioned. If nothing is mentioned, then we can assume QSR to be a segment as well and QR to be a chord. Although the question is technically correct, can we represent this question for lack of information regarding the semi-circle?

Kisi me do check kiya Maine 3 check kiye wo sahi the

2-3 ques m LG rha h ans change ho gye h...kuch kr skte h kya ab

Q. 50 maths......p in place of π