[2021]AIMCAT 2219 (3 to 7 July)

Scores and Discussion AIMCAT 2219


VARC- 55 (20R/6W) :) === ( 98.13)

DILR - 14 (6R/4W) Bahut roega aaj main === (81.33)

QA - 21 (8R/3W) Agar aasu bache toh firse roega main === (90.95)

OA - 90 ( Kyu bhagwaan 100+ dedo) === (96.83)

VARC - 40 (15/23) No Varc, you are not supposed to give me negative marks

DILR - 31 (11/18) So, one set was total guess. It was bound to go wrong,it was TITA so forgivable. Still could have been faster

QA - 33 (11/13) Won't achieve anything if attempts are like this

OA - 104

The 2 hour format needs to be scrapped ASAP.

VARC 55 


QA 36

OA 115

VARC: 57 (23/20) The verbal ability this time was butter smooth easy.

DILR: 45 (16/15) First 15 mins 0 Attempts. Super difficult to recover after that.

QA: 55 (23/19) Round 1 went quite smoothly. Really need to see where I went wrong.

OA: 157 (62/54)

Need to analyse QA. 4 wrong in QA is a sin (and that too with 2 MCQs - not even TITA).

AIMCAT2219 VARC - 57 (25A/20C) - Relief since I've been practicing RCs the whole week. Happy and hope to maintain this performance. DILR - 32 (14A/11C) - Wasted 20 mins on wrong sets. This rarely happens. 1st set in DI looked easy but was not, should have tried a 4 question set instead of this. QA - 32 (13A/11C) - Again, wasted 15 mins on unattempted questions. New personal low. OA - 121 (52A/42C) Happy with VARC which was my weaker section. Time to get started on the other 2 sections prep. Just hoping to cross the 99 mark with this.



51 29 39  119

8W in QA ...

5W in DILR....

VARC wait for next one...

RANk - 47 (99.51)

OA:129  VARC:62(21C/22A) DILR:17(7C/12A) Pathetic, I messed up.  QA:50(17C/18A)  Jo bhi hai, jaisa bhi hai, badiya hai. Edit - AIR 20 (99.79 - 99.46/87.96/99.87)

AIMCAT 2219 

VARC - 58 (23A / 20C) - Not gonna lie. VARC this time was breezy AF. Not sure if it was the lowered font size, but I sped through the passages faster than I've done before. Real happy with the improvement in VARC, for it was that one section where my accuracy was taking a big hit. 

DILR - 23 (10A / 8C) - Not sure what the mistakes were. Gotta wait for the analysis. But the sets were a mess. At the end of 20 mins, had done only one 4 question set. Had to panic through the last 10 mins as I solved a 6 question set. 

QA - 31 (13A /11C) - Felt that Quant questions were slightly twisted this time compared to the previous AIMCAT. Nevertheless, gotta find out what's going wrong here since the sectional tests show a different, much happier picture. 

 OA - 112 (46A / 39C) - Really happy with VARC this time but gotta focus a lot on Quant I guess, since DILR is completely situational. 

P.S My third 112 score in the 7 mocks I've written so far. What's with me and this number xD?

Yaar wth, only toppers post in these groups or what?

Giving me legit anxiety sometimes!

VA-37 (19A/14C) 88.15%ile DI-22 (10A/8C) 95.37%ile QA-21 (10A/7C) 90.95%ile OA-80 (39A/29C) 94.16%ile I tried to limit my no. of attempts this time and feeling good about the accuracy, but still need to work on the QA a lot. Overall Percentile is as expected but disappointed by VARC

3rd Mock Test

VARC: 55 (19C/23A)

DILR: 18 (6C/6A) -- Messed up big time :(

QA: 42 (14C/15A) -- Not able to speed up

OA: 115

Okay guys 

VARC 45 


QA 22 - Couldn't digest what happened in LRDI so i decided to Fuk this up too

OA 77 

Time to leave this planet. Utterly dissapointed 

Eagerly wawiting for my first 4 digit AIR.

Still can't believe what happened, from a single digit AIR to a sureshot 4 digit AIR 


VARC :  47(22A/17C)  95.47

DILR  :  25 (12A/9C)   97.02  

 QA    :  33(12A/11C)  98.41 Et tu, Brute? Ah,TIME's back with one of their classics, personally found their questions weirdly framed this time around


 OA    :105 (46A/37C)  98.8  AIR 116

Messed up an easy VARC, DILR was just okay and a horrendous QA didn't help much. Reality check in all the 3 sections :( 

VARC: 62 (21C/24A) I still don't believe this VARC score

DILR: 50(17C/23A) Attempts TITA me random kar diye the baki 17C/19A is good in this paper I feel

QA: 48(16C/17A) Happy that got 16/16C, 1 Random TITA attempt, though tough laga QA

OA 160  Khush ho jaata hu abhi ke liye 2hr paper me fir kabhi aaye nahi aaye

Varc - 46

Dilr - 29

Qa - 47

OA - 122

AIR - 30

Do aimcat and CL mocks have video solutions like SIMCATs ?

VARC :  28(17A/11C) 

DILR  :  14 (10A/5C)     

 QA    :  5(5A/2C) (FIVE)


 OA    : 47(32A/18C) 

Varc-52 Dilr:19 :( Qa-47 OA-118 dilr screwed me up!!