[2021] AimCAT 2208 (25 Sept - 29 Sept)

And the algebra that they gave was weird, usually algebra is doable :confused:

Exactly!! :confused:


TIME: Ok, guys we have to reduce # of questions.
Proceeds to remove arithmetic, and put in a shit ton of algebra!


How’d you find varc

28 OA , is someone like me :frowning:

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horrendous , 5c 11wrong . 7score , worsttttttttttt

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Questions were okay, but passages were not easy to read, esp the one with Economics. I usually like economics related passages but the language in this one was little tough to comprehend I thought

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VARC-35 (14C/8W)
DILR-39 (13C/0 W )
Quants-32 (11 C/ 2 W)

OA-106 (38 C/10 W)


yep! 21 here :raising_hand_man:t2:

Yea felt the same, had to do a lot of questions to passages matching because I was losing grasp of what was being said

VARC (13A/9C): 26 (90.22) not my day here…also had been completely ignoring this section for the past 10-15 days after a few decent scores
DILR (11A/9C): 27 (85.61) could mark only 1 q of the last set I solved
QA (14A/11C): 33 (96.99)
OA (38A/29C): 86 (96.24) AIR 441 :frowning: (cant expect a good score after messing up 2 sections)


Why zero, it said opposite sign doesn’t mean ki value same hoga.

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Has anyone purchased the QA1000 course from CL? Any idea how it is?

The video solutions have still not been uploaded, right?

No, they haven’t. Sabar kro. Agle aimcat tak toh aa hi jayegi

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It’s ironical that they call themselves TIME, isn’t it?


No one is satisfied actually, from 130 scorer to 60 scorer :joy:

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Where is the thread for AIMCAT 2207? Can’t seem to find one!!