[2021-23] New/Baby IIMs Results

Discussion thread for queries concerning all New/Baby IIMs.

Percentile : 94.35%ile Varc : 82.33%ile Quant : 94.96%ile Lrdi : 92.05%ile General Non-Engineer Male Fresher 12th : 90.4 10th : 9.2 Undergrad : 6.95 Can I expect a call?

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General Bcom Female  

Cat 94.5%ile (96/86/88)

Class 10th: 92% Class 12th: 89.33%  Grad - 78%

work ex- 24 months  

What baby/new iim calls can i expect? 

Dear Candidates, Everyone is required to fill the form completely and click on final submit before the deadline, i.e., Today 11.59 PM. The form will not be reopened for edits. Don't wait till the last minute to submit your form. In case of further queries, you may contact: Ashish Khandwekar: +91-7987596155 Sarvagya Mhalan: +91-8882421733 Srishti Srivastava: +91-9506306991 Athira Menon: +91-9172563037 Regards, Public Relations Cell IIM Rohtak

What is expected to be written in the section " would you like to tell us something else about yourself?" Admin could you please assist

1st message

Registrations for UBS, Chandigarh, Panjab University, Closing on February 1st!!

Quality education should not necessarily come at a huge cost. Ranked 18th all over India by Outlook ICARE MBA 2020 rankings, UBS is one of those top B-Schools that provide world-class and affordable management education.

University Business School (UBS), Panjab University, Chandigarh offers one of the highest ROIs in the country with an overall academic fee of under 1 Lakh INR and one of the strongest alumni base in the country with the first batch passing out in 1971. The institute is located in Chandigarh “The City Beautiful”, with the campus spread across an area of 550 acres and has consistently achieved 100% placements over the years with an average package of 9.53 LPA for 2018-20 batch.

For Registrations visit:-


Last Date To Register Online- 1st February 2021.

You can see this video as well to know more about our college, including a glimpse at the PU campus:-


For any queries,

Pagalguy Helpdesk:


Facebook Helpdesk:


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Instagram https://instagram.com/ubschandigarh?igshid=6pbs9bsnjyt6

Facebook https://m.facebook.com/ubspuchd/

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IIM Sambalpur launches Executive MBA Degree Program for Working Professionals -


Trichy or Ranchi ?

Which is better, kindly help

  • IIM Lucknow Pgpsm
  • IIM Udaipur Pgp
  • IIM Sambalpur PGP
  • IIM Nagpur PGP

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GEM, 3+ experience

IIM Udaipur WL 1181, IIM Sambalpur WL 579, IIM Bodhgaya WL 06 and IIM Sirmaur offered

  • wait for next year
  • IIM Udaipur
  • IIM Sambalpur
  • IIM Bodhgaya
  • IIM Sirmaur

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GEM, 3+ experience

IIM Trichy WL unknown yet, IIM Udaipur WL 1181, IIM Kashipur WL 1205, IIM Raipur WL 503, IIM Ranchi WL 1481, IIM Sambalpur WL 579, IIM Bodhgaya WL 06 and IIM Sirmaur offered.

IIM Trichy needs 20k, IIM Sambalpur needs 10k  & IIM Bodhgaya needs 10k to keep me in active waiting list. IIM Sirmaur needs 50k as acceptance fee.

Kindly help me chosing the best option (chances order & preferential order), also   it is appreciated if you have any action plan here. 

  • IIM Ranchi
  • try next year
  • IIM Sirmaur
  • IIM Bodhgaya
  • IIM Trichy
  • IIM Udaipur
  • IIM Kashipur
  • IIM Raipur
  • IIM Sambalpur

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If you have to choose one compulsorily,which one you will ?

(based on average ctc,location,performance and long term results)

  • IIM Jammu
  • MDI Murshidabad
  • IIM Bodhgaya

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Which all IIMs released 2nd offer lists today?

Which one is better?

  • DSE (IB)
  • IIM jammu

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How good is iim ranchi mba(BA)

  • Very good
  • Leave it
  • Average
  • Good

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 IIM Raipur MBA or IIM Ranchi MBA BA 

  • IIM Raipur MBA
  • IIM Ranchi MBA BA

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Guys last post before I start preparing for cat 2021. I am mentioning Nc obc waitlist numbers if I have chances of convert according to you please comment. Iim raipur-645 Iim trichy-271 Iim kashipur-740 Iim ranchi-1085(initiall wl no) Iim rohtak- bhagwan jane

If one has only 2 options and had to do mba this year only .pls give ur honest opinions

  • Iim Sambalpur
  • Iim jammu

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 Hi ,

Any idea what should the field "Name of Remitter/ Remittance" be filled with, while proceeding to pay acceptance fee? (IIM Raipur)