[2021-2023] NITIE, MUMBAI PGDIM/PGDSM Official Admissions Helpline Discussion Thread

Hello! Welcome to the Official Helpline Discussion Thread for the admission process of NITIE, Mumbai for the Academic Session 2021-2023.

NITIE Mumbai announces admissions to its Management Programs

1.PGDIM (Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management)

2.PGDSM (Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Management)

Link to Admission Portal :


Last Date of Application : 1st March 2021, 5PM

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Answers to most common FAQs:



Admissions Committee

Is there any Sectional Cutoff for admission in NITIE? My raw score is 16/31/50 (slot3) and I think I won't be able to score 80 percentile in VARC. Should I apply?

What is the weightage for interviews and other parameters?

What has been the VARC cutoff for NITIE in cat? Pls tell specific if there is data regarding that as I am concerned about the same!


Varc 98.53 Dilr 98.75 Qa 87.68 Overall 97.92 Should I apply to NITIE considering the sectional cutoff for QA?

93.54/94.89/94.74 OA- 96.89 GEM 10/12/grad = 95/85.6/87.3 Workex - 39 months (Ops background) will it be wise for me to fill the form of PGDIM? Adcom, pls suggest?

95.1/ 75.1/ 93.2

O/A 94


DiLr being 75.1, sould i apply for PGDIM program? 

What is the sectional cut off generally for the OBC?

Warm Greetings to all the B-School Aspirants. Welcome to official Pagalguy thread of National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai Admissions for the year 2021. 


Admissions Committee, NITIE is glad to announce that the application portal for our Management Program is now live.

Link for the Admissions Portal: www.nitie.ac.in/admission-2021

We call the applications for our Management Programs: 

1. PGDIM( Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management)

2. PGDSM ( Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Management)

Application Deadline: 1st March, 2021

We are here to address all your queries pertaining to the admission process and NITIE in general. Feel free to reach out to us on our official handles.

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/school/national-institute-of-industrial-engineering/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NITIE_Official?s=20

We wish you all the very best for further process and a Happy New Year to all.

Hallo OA:86.36 % Varc: 51.84% LRDI: 75.15% Quant: 95.84% Academic background 89/91/73.66 SC-Eng(IIESTs)-Male As Varc percentile is low Can I expect a call?


GEM 10/12/Grad 83.6/84.6/80.6 Varc/DILR/Quant 90.67/92/99.46 Overall 98.96 work ex. 26 months Chances to get call and conversion chances?

Hello, I have 89.11 in cat with 84+ sectionals 10th 80 12th 77 Grad 63 Obc nc engineer make Should I try here ... please anyone?

Is NITIE form so short, after personal details, payment page pops up? Is there anything I am missing? It is not asking for acads or work ex details. Is that page appears after payment?

Is there ncobc category at NITIE?If yes, what is the sectional and overall cat  cut off for nc-obc category students for pgdim program?

Hey, CAT - 97.24 Sectional - Above 90 10/12/Grads - 77/81/66 Work experience - 1 year GEM Chance of getting a call from NITIE mumbai?

General 91.26 9/8/7 1.5 + workex chances for pgdsm?

Please tell me the sectional cut offs for nitie for ews category. I will be grateful. I have scored 72.4 percentile in varc but 98.4 percentile overall


Got 90.41%le in cat (76%le in VARC)
Work ex-12 months
Category- OBC

What are my chances for NITIE?

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Please help, why is 2021 not a valid passing year? only passouts up till 2020 are accepted ?


VARC- 82.03, Lrdi- 94, QA-88.9 

 OA 92.01



WORKEX-28 Months

Can i get a call ?