[2020] TIME SAMCAT (Self-Administered Mock) Discussion

Discussion group for TIME Take home Mocks (SAMCAT). This thread is to post score, percentile, doubts and queries, regarding TIME - Self administered mocks.

SAMCAT 1002101 

VA RC- 73

DI LR-46

QA- 71


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A group of six persons is to be selected from Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z, based on the following conditions.

  1. If Z is selected then neither W nor T is selected.
  2. If Q is selected then X must be selected.
  3. T is selected if and only if U is selected.
  4. If W is selected then R must be selected.
  5. V is selected if and only if U is selected.

    Question :-
    1) If T is not selected, in how many ways can the group be selected?
    2)If X is not selected, then in how many ways can the group be selected?
    3)If Z is selected, in how many ways can the group be selected?

    Why is QUVXYZ not valid?

SAMCAT 1002102 VARC:51 LRDI:53 Quant:66 OA:170


VARC: 61(25A/21C)

LRDI:  46(18A/16C)

QA: 54(20A/18C)

OA: 161


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SAMCAT 1002102

VA RC: 87

DI LR: 50

QA: 77

OA: 214

SAMCAT101 VARC- 42 DILR- 40 QA- 53 OA-135( Below average)

SAMCAT102 VARC- 68 DILR- 49 QA- 71 OA- 188( Easy paper)

SAMCAT103 VARC- 45 DILR- 57(got 1 whole set wrong) QA- 58 OA- 160(should be 180+ min.)

SAMCAT104 VARC- 47 DILR - 85 QA- 52(should be 70+ min.) OA-184 Did anyone else think that QA & DILR in Samcats are too easy?


Can someone please post Q.9 (not the solution) of QA section from Samcat 2101?

Thanks in advance.

Last exam's link please.

This question is from SAMCAT 2103 and had the following options :

A. 495

B. 494

C. 496

D. 500

Does anyone else think that all of the options are wrong ? To me the solution provided also seemed incorrect


RC 79

LR 56

QA 75

OA 210 

(got 4 MCQs wrong in LRDI due to complete misunderstanding of set and a few sad errors in QA... can't afford to make them, anyway...)

SAMCAT2104 (took it cos saw a lot of posts on 2104 :P) 

RC 62 (Because clearly I can't read instructions properly in a few qns :D ) 

LR 74 

QA 70 (Respectable, I felt I'd get less) 

OA 206 (Phew) 

On to the next AIMCAT!

SAMCAT 1002104

VA RC: 56

DI LR: 84

QA: 49

OA : 189

Got too cocky after DI LR, need to learn to approach every section with fresh mindset.

Are the samcats of this year having same questions as of samcats of last year, or are they changed?

SAMCAT 1002105

VA: 67




One of the better SAMCAT of this season.


VA - 51 (19C/27A)

LRDI - 56 (19C/20A)

QA - 65 (22C/26A) Missed 80 mark owing to my slow calculation.Otherwise, this was definitely a high scoring paper. 

OA - 172