[2020] SIMCAT 13 [Self Proctored] (16th Oct - 20th Oct)

SIMCAT scores and discussion here!

The ...... happened to my VARC here?

VARC: 11C9W - 24

LRDI: 10C4W - 27

QA: 16C4W - 44

All the sectionals, bar none, are f'n pathetic. No idea how someone even gets LRDI incorrects lmao. An ideal breakup IMO would've been (40s/40s/50s) - unless people unanimously found VARC just insane

VARC(who tf is setting this section it's so dull)(21) LRDI(33) QA(38) OA(92) Kudos to IMS, instead of showing improvement it's getting worse in each section.

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Ok, back again with my eternal messed up scores.

VARC- 22 (17A/9C) - IMS guys be laughing their heart out seeing this excellent accuracy.

DILR- 28 (12A/10C) - This is sooooo fun.

QA- 40 (16A/14C ) - Saved the day, perhaps.

OA - 90 😢😢😢😢


VARC: 31 (22A/13C)

DILR: 44 (16A/15C)

QA: 41 (16A/14C)

OA: 116 (54A/42C)


-RC questions were extremely hard. Unable to choose between the right option choices.

-DILR had some good straightforward sets. Usually this section is hard for me but was able to sail through some good caselets. I guess, lucky day.

- QA was decent. I'm not SO good at math so it's usually unpredicatble. 

VARC - 19 (I don't know what is happening :( )

DILR - 46 (Should have been a couple of marks more )

QA - 46  (BAD || More 10 marks were possible )

OA - 111 (20 MARKS SHORT :( )

VARC strikes me down , Not new to me , The story of every mock .

DILR was okayish , But someone with beeter speed may get a more set correct.

QA , I missed atleast 10 MARKS . 

VARC: 37(22A/14C)


QA: 26(11A/9C)


Need some advise on QA and DILR improvement. Score are stagnant in 25-30 range.

VARC: 52 (22A/18C) A bit of a surprise since I thought that the section was going pretty terrible while I was answering the questions, I guess not. 

DILR: 33 (12A/11C) Wasted so much time on a set because I had missed out on 1 condition, else could have solved another set most probably

QA: 42 (18A/14C) Ugh the accuracy led to the downfall

OA: 127 (Could've been atleast 8-10 marks more)

varc 25 17A 10C

dilr 27 13A 10C

quant 29 17A 11C I did 10 qns in 17 mins but still found myself a way to attempt only 6 qns in the next 23 mins. 

oa 81 .Got this score after a 100 marks in aimcat2106.. Accuracy taken to cleaners. Certainly distracted to ipl.. may be a reality check needed. with only few more simcats, want to be  in the 120 territory soon :(

 VARC: 15 (25A/9C) I'm done with IMS Verbal , pretty sure they will justify their answers yet again

DILR: 45 (15A/15C)

QA: 57(19A/19C)

OA: 117 

Which were the doable direct sets in DILR? I could do only 1.5 sets(hul sales and profit set)and bombed the section. Hence curious to know!

VARC: 6(10A/4C)

DILR: 36(16A/13C)

QA:  47(19A/16C)

OA: 89(45A/33C)

Need some advise on VARC improvement :( 

Simcat 13


OA : 118

Simcat 13

VARC - 8 (7C / 25A) (are you kidding me)

DILR - 47 (16C / 17A) - no complaints

QA - 34 (13C / 18A) - idk what went wrong, need analysis

total - 89

 VARC- 34 (16A/12C) 

DILR- 35 (13A/12C), 

QA- 15 (9A/6C), lowest ever!

OA- 84 (38A/30C)

VARC - 24 (10C/19A)

DILR - 43 (15C/17A)

QA- 63 (21C/23A)

OA- 130 

What do you think of the VARC? Is it way harder than the actual CAT?

VARC - 14 (12A/6C)

DILR- 15 (6A/5C)

QA-  21 ( 8A/7C)

OA-  50(26A/18C) 

VARC-35(14/23). Don't know if it's me or everybody has trouble in SIMCAT's VARC. Accuracy is just pathetic.

DILR :27(9/9). Could have and should have done one more.

Quant: 34(12/15) Attempts need to go up.

OA:96 Stuck in the nineties for the last two weeks. There is scope for at least 20 more here.

Since the big guns haven't posted yet :-P

VARC  21 (runny nose ruined it)

Lrdi 30

Quant 32

OA 83

This was an definitely an easy question paper