[2020] IMS SimCAT 6 Self-Proctored (31st July to 4th Aug)

This thread is to post score, percentile, doubts, queries, and discuss mock taking strategies for IMS SimCAT 6 [2020].     


OA - 157(71 A / 56C) VARC - 56(29A/21C) DILR - 49 ( 20A/17C) QA - 52( 22A/18C) Struggling with QA ;_; time to revisit syllabus once more.

Anyone have previous year simcat google drive link?..



VARC-55(26A/20C)-For the first time wasn't able to visit all the questions

DILR-35(18A/13C) -4-5 sets were doable,but the accuracy reduced the score.

QA-50(20A/17C)-Easy but lenghty calculations,Many will score 70+ Ig.

OA-140(64A/50C)-Accuracy is improving finally...

PS:97% percentile cross hoga kya ;_; ?

Simcat-6 Overall 114 Varc-36 , 15/24 ( Time management is making me lag behind in this section) LRDI- 33 , 11/12 (missed an absolute sitter because of no time) QA- 45, 16/20( Easy to moderate QA. Could have got 20+ correct) How to move ahead ? I don't know how to manage time in VaRC , I usually complete my RCs in 50-52 minutes and I don't really get much time for VA. In LRDI I could have got 4 sets in this mock but again due to lack time couldn't attempt. I take 8 minutes in scanning the section before attempting the Section. It feels like a necessary evil to me.

OA : 150 (Stuck in the range) VARC : 52 DILR : 51 QA : 47 Fucked up QA again!!!

OA 181


Any tips for varc are most appreciated....

VA: 57 (33A/22C) still can't seem to leave difficult questions.

DILR: 19 (11A/7C) Atleast this has started making some sense, let's hope this improves

QA: 32 (15A/11C) Accuracy improved (considering I got negative for only 1 question) but at the cost of speed, couldn't even go through all the questions, need a lot of improvement and speed and fast.

OA: 108 (59A/40C) can't even cross 120. 

139 32 VARC 26A/13C 54 DILR 18A/18C 53 QA 21A/18C VARC:CAT::Chemistry:JEE

40 varc 12 dilr 31 qa Bas issiliye daala taaki Sharam ke kaaran hi Sahi par sudhere🙂🙂

VARC 51 (29A/19C/10W) - Still unable to attempt all RCs as I require 10 mins for eacch. End up leaving one RC in each paper.

DILR 62 (23A/21C/2W) - Few sets were easy. Accuracy was the key.

QA 68 (28A/23C/5W) - Lowest of the season so far. Might go below 99.7 this time. Tried the popular strategy for the first time of visiting the question in rounds. Clearly didn't work at all for me. A classic example that one strategy does not work for each and everyone and one has to find his/her own strategy to tackle the paper. Poor attempts. Poor accuracy. Poor score.

OA - 181 (80A/63C/17W) - Overall a moderate paper. Poor accuracy mainly due to quant. 

44 59 83 186 

VARC :////

OA: 168 99.87

DILR:48  98.2

VARC: 67 99.98

QA: 53   95.03

VA RC: 66 

DI LR: 35

QA: 54

OA: 155

Really dissapointed with this mock.Should have done lot better considering quant and di lr were not that difficult. F***ing hell just when i thougth i was gaining some consistency. Back to square one.

SIMCAT 6: 28/58/85

35/42/60. - 137 Varc/dilr/ Q VARC kab badhega kya pata Dilr could have been better, spent too much time on selection. Happy with the quant, focused only on accuracy here and reduced the attempts. I guess it paid off- my first ever 60 in quant. Now will have to increase the speed keeping the accuracy intact.

Simcat 6 : 38/47/75  160

VARC - 35 (15C/29A) I don't know what went wrong in RC's. Really have to analyse well where I went wrong. 

DILR - 54 (18C/18A) Satisfied with the score, felt a bit confused with a couple of questions from the 5 sets I attempted, hence didn't attempt those. 

QA - 60(20C/21A) Reaching the accuracy levels which I have been aiming for, need to increase the attempts. Have to work on speed. 

OA - 149 (Should have really scored a lot better in VARC, felt the other sections were upto par) 

VARC - 34 (34A/16C) LRDI - 32 (13A/11C) QA - 32 (22A/12C) OA - 98 (69A/39C) Accuracy going downhill mock by mock. 🙌