[2020] IMS SimCAT 14 Self-Proctored (23th Oct - 26th Oct)

This thread is to post score, percentile, doubts, queries, and discuss mock taking strategies for IMS SimCAT 14 [2020].    

OA - 125

VARC - 29 (20A/12C)

DILR - 44 (18A/15C) Glad to be back in the 40s after a rough couple of weeks.  

QA - 52 (22A/18C)


DILR Set-1 

It is known that India won 60% of the ‘Home matches’ against each of the other two countries, 50% of the ‘Neutral matches’ against each of the other two countries, and 40% of the ‘Away matches’ against each of the other two countries. It is also known that Australia won 80% of the ‘Home matches’, 60% of the ‘Neutral matches’, and 50% of the ‘Away matches’ against England. 

Did anyone find the last sentence ambiguous - as in "against England" applies to all the 3 categories or just the last category?

VARC - 56

DILR - 28

QA - 39


I am definitely sure I made a couple of silly mistakes in DILR and QA. Could have easily been around 135 :/

49/30/19 98 35 days for the exam and I still can't leave questions in QA :/

VARC- 42 (15C/22A) Felt a couple of passages to be difficult

DILR- 13 (5c/8a) It had been a log while since i took a really difficult paper.. should have tried to better in the table allotment set.

QA- 28 (10C/14A) 

OA- 83 (30C/44A) Got to do better in aimcat

So, the time has come to post my messed up scores yet again.

VARC - 34 (16A/12C) Somewhat better than previous SIMCATs, where I used to get a 20-25 score, accuracy went up too, but again, improvement is a dire need here.

DILR - 30 (12A/10C) - Felt a bit difficult, attempted 2 full sets, and half of 2 sets. Don't know where it went wrong, need to analyse it.

QA - 45 (20A/16C) - Accuracy not good, yet a pretty easy paper.

OA - 109 (First 100+ in SIMCAT)

I guess, my sweet spot is a paper where there is somewhat easier VARC, or at least a VARC paper where options are not ambiguous like previous SIMCATs, and an average or above average Quant and DILR level. I used to get 67-70 easily in DILR and QA combined in previous mocks, but a score of below 20 in VARC led to an OA in early 90s. SIMCAT 14s somewhat easier VARC actually shoot up the score. Will be looking forward to improve the accuracy.

VARC (18A/14C)- 38 : Left a whole RC for the very first time.

DILR (8A/8C)- 24 : Two sets in 40 minutes is unacceptable at this stage despite the fact that I was able to crack one full set in the first 8 minutes or so.

QA (12A/11C)- 32 : Yeh bhaishaab nhi sudhar rahe hai. 

OA (38A/33C)- 94 : Downward Trajectory contines. Ugh !

VARC: 15C8W - 39 (IDK, the scores are dropping here and it's somewhat unnerving)

LRDI: 10C1W - 29 (Jeez y'all found this section THAT scoring huh?)

QA: 12C2W - 36 (Look at the attempts. I mean, just look at the god damn attempts. You'd be certain I wasn't an engineer)

Overall: 104

Clearly, QA is becoming a major bottleneck in my scores entering into the 110s regularly. Need to work on leaving questions... Spent ~5min on the circle/chord question which bit me in the ass hard today..

varc - 34 13c 8w 

dilr  - 30 10c 2w

quant - 31 11c 4w - its just getting worse. panic attack after the first 10 minutes since i didnt solve anything. the rest of the paper, I was fretting for the lost 10 mins and couldnt do it well.

oa:95 should pull up quants before next sim

VARC: 46 (16C/19A)  Might have gotten lucky here.

DI : 18 (6C/8A)    As always, panic and anxiety inducing. Atleast I stuck with my selection this time, hoping to improve solving speed.

QA : 44 (15C/18A) Satisfied with the number of attempts. But accuracy still not improving, I feel time pressure playing a part here. 

OA: 108  Hoping to move forward. DI is still a nightmare. Interested to know which sets peeps found easy, and if youre kind enough, let me know if there was anything you did from your end to improve in DI. Cheers!

Finally a good score :)

VARC - 50 (20A/17C)

DILR - 41 (17A/14C) 

QA - 61 (23A/21C) 

OA - 152 

VARC: 40 (23A/15C)

DILR:  44(16A/15C)

QA:   45(15A/15C)

OA: 129

Happy with QA accuracy but could have done 2-3 more. VARC i have just given up in SIM's.


VARC: 47 (18A/16C)

DILR: 32 (11A/11C)

QA: 39 (18A/14C)

OA: 119 (47A/41C)


VARC: Left an entire passsage to focus on accuracy. Trying something different esp after the horrible VARC score in AIMCAT2105. Need to keep trying various strategies to be consistent. 

DILR: Super challenging sets. Towards the end I was just hoping I did them right.

QA: Like always, it's a struggle for me to perfectly answer whatever I attempt out here. Not dissapointed, could've been worse for me. 

Varc: 52(22A/18C) felt easy. Not my strength so unexpected Dilr: 48(19A/16C) Not so easy QA: 49(20A/17C) I felt some questions wrong. Dunno if it was only me OA : 149. An easy Simcat but a much needed confidence after Aimcat shattered it.

38/48/23 OA 107



VARC: 44


QA: 19

OA: 111

OA 74

Will appreciate tips to remain calm and get better at lrdi selection. :/

Idk why am I posting, but theek hai 

44 39 62 145