[2020] IMS SimCAT 12 Self-Proctored (09th Oct - 12th Oct)

This thread is to post score, percentile, doubts, queries, and discuss mock taking strategies for IMS SimCAT 12 [2020].   

VARC 25 🤮 LRDI 32 🙂 QUANT 17 🙄

OA - 87

VARC - 28 (16A/11C) One of those rare days when accuracy in VARC is greater than both of quant and di

DILR - 27 (19A/11C) Royally botched up both my strengths 

QA - 32 (22A/13C) 

VARC - 20(13A/8C)

DILR   - 45(15/15C)

QA     -57(19A/19C)

OA     -122

As usual low score in VARC but very much happy about 100% accuracy in both QA and DILR....

Anyone here who has purchased full time classroom program of IMS? Need some help. Pls DM.

Posting after a long time. Let's get the prep back on track!!

VARC- 39 (20/14)

LRDI - 33 (11/11)

QA- 46 (19/16)

OA - 118 (50/41)

OA : 133 28/51/54 Missed out on a 145+ again☹️

va - 32(19a,12c) .. okayish considering i Skipped one rc for va qns

dilr - 30 (10a,10c) .. accuracy saved me.. found 2 esy sets, but got stuck with one where I spent 20 mins and answered 2 qns.. But there is some improvement in this section considerng I was getting the same marks even in 1hr pattern.

QA - 37 (16a,13c)... Brain froze after I didnt ans a single qn in 10 mins.. good recovery but I'm banking on this section to take my oa score upwards, although its not helping as of now..

OA: 99 .. not my best.. 

VARC- 44 (16C/23A) Currently reading " The Anarchy" which is a book on history of EIC and that passage felt like i knew all this information.. one of those rare concidences.

DILR- 30 (10C/12A) Misread the first set completely only to realise in the last 5 mins

QA- 26 (9C/13A) I could have done one or two more correctly.

OA- 100 (35C/48A) My second 100 in the new pattern. probably 110+ would be a good score.

 Simcat 12

VARC : 35 (13C/19A)  

DILR: 44 (15C/16A)

QA : 51 (18C/23A)

OA : 130 (46C/58A)

Bad day in QA, but happy with improved varc score.

VARC-42(21A/15C) DILR-31(13A/11C) QA-20(10A/7C) OA-93 QA questions seemed easy but time constraint played its part!

VARC - 35 (17A/12C) (simcat 10 - 10 and simcat 11 - 15) DILR - 45 (15A/15C) (could have easily gone 50+ ..was not in mood) QA - 30 (11A/10C) (😅 worst QA performance ever.. Though easy 50+ QA but as said earlier was not in mood) OA- 110 (43A/37C) (VARC ke score dekh kr finally mood aacha ho gaya)

VARC- 41 (21A/15C)

LRDI- 33 (11A/11C)

QA- 35 (13A/12C)

OA- 109

VARC: 24  (Back to square one :( )

DILR: 36

QA: 50 

OA: 110 

Was 125+ surely, need to improve!

VA-54 (19/23)


QA - 37(13/17)

I don't know how VA has become my strong suit and QA my weakest. 

Need to improve QA at any cost.


VARC - 34 (12C/18A) - Atleast graph is moving upwards

DILR - 44 (15C/18A) - Not good, Not bad

QA - 29 (10C/11A) - Choked myself, don't know why? Easy 45+ paper

OA - 107 (37C/47A) - Second triple digit score in new pattern. 

Need to take this past 115 initial target.

VARC - 10 DILR - 33 QA - 50 OA - 93 I feel like giving up , the section (VARC)I have done hardwork on is not even paying me back. Like completely shattered. And yes I admit it was easy VARC ,but I dont know what's happening. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

I've been a silent observer for a long time. Though my scores don't match up to the ones here, I might as well give it a shot. VARC-37 (Can't afford to go below 40 in my strongest section, felt the RCs were on the tougher side) DILR-30 (Did 3 sets with 7 minutes left, but couldn't solve any others. Don't know where I messed up in the ones I did solve though) Quant-16 (This just doesn't go beyond 20 no matter how hard I try; any suggestions are welcome) OA- 83, better than last SimCAT but still a long way to go...

Read Tony Xavier's new blog and was ready to score above 100 .

VARC-26 (10C/18)

DILR-36 (12C/12) (wasted last 9 minutes to select the 4th set)

QA-29  (10C/11)  (couldn't even get to the last 8 questions)


next time pkka...need to gear up and change my strategies. 

OA: 124 VARC: 24 (21A, 11C) DILR: 45 (16A, 15C) QA: 55 (23A, 19C) 10 short atleast. Hopeless VARC :(